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Sikkim Current Affairs [Latest 2021 & 2022]

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Sikkim is a small state in India with a population of around 600,000. It is the smallest state in India and has a rich heritage and culture. It is also a popular tourist destination with a lot to offer. As the Sikkim Tourism Development Council states, “Sikkim is the land of eternal snow-capped peaks and mysterious monasteries.” This is because of the climate of the state. The climate is the cause of snow-covered mountains and rivers. The state’s average temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, and the average annual rainfall is at 1,200 mm.

Sikkim Current Affairs [Latest 2021 & 2022]

Q1) Who is the new President of the Federation of consumer Association of Sikkim?

Answer. Suresh k. Lama

Q2) From which date plastic Water bottles were banned in Sikkim?

Answer. 1st January 2022

Q3) What is the name of a portal launched by the state minister of Urban Development for e-filing of consumer complaints?

Answer. e-dakhil

Q4) Who has taken oath as Sikkim High Court chief justice?

Answer. Biswanath Somaddar 

Q5) What is the name of the Venture by Bhawani Shanker Gurung, which is the first LED bulb manufacturer in Sikkim?

Answer. Batti 

Q6) What is the name of a helpline launched on World Mental Health Day for teens in their adolescence?

Answer. Talking Birds 

Q7) Who is the author of the book fatsung (song of the soil)? 

Answer. Chuden Kabimo

Q8) Who has been elected as the President of “Sikkim Kho-Kho Association”?

Answer. BK Roka 

Q9) SISCO bank is now a scheduled commercial bank. When did SISCO bank start functioning as an apex cooperative Bank of the state? 

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Answer. 1998

Q10) Who has become Sikkim’s first person to receive Dronacharya Award?

Answer. Sandhya Gurung 

Q11) Who is the captain of the Sikkim State Cricket Team?

Answer. Kranti Kumar

Q12) Who is the author of the Analytical compilation, “Shakti Puran”?

Answer. Chakra Pani Bhattarai

Q13) What is the name of a mobile app launched by the Health Minister, Dr. MK Sharma consisting of yoga protocols for productivity of individuals at work places?

Answer. Y-Break

Q14) Who is the author of the book “Swapnalok Sa Sikkim”, first ever book on Sikkim written in Hindi?

Answer. Pankaj Giri 

Q15) Who has been elected as the President of Sikkim Football Association for the second term? 

Answer. Sanju Pradhan 

Q16) Government of Sikkim has banned plastic Water bottles from 1st January 2022 onwards under which act?

Answer. Environment protection rules, 1986 

Q17) What was the name of the 8-day long training on Newar folk music organised by the culture department of Daramdin in January 2022? 

Answer. Baja Dhime

Q18) Which social worker from Sikkim received the icon of North Bengal award?

Answer. Dr. Poonam Prasad 

Q19) What is the total number of voters in Sikkim as per the electoral roll released by the office of Chief Electoral Officer, Sikkim? 

Answer. 444,261

Q20) What is the name of the person from Sikkim who has cleared AIFF category 2 referee exams? 

Answer. Sen Hangma Subba

Q21) The maiden water bird census 2022 was conducted at which places in Sikkim? 

Answer. Teesta, Rangit & Khecheopalri Lake

Q22) Which nagar panchayat launched a project to make the city free of wet waste?

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Answer. Magar Nagar Panchayat 

Q23) What is the aim of the Bahini scheme recently announced by the Sikkim government?

Answer. To provide free sanitary napkins to school girls

Q24) Former MP Bhim Dahal recently passed away. He was MP of Sikkim during which tenure? 

Answer. 1996-2004

Q25) Who was crowned Miss Sikkim 2022?

Answer. Subeksha Shree Pradhan 

Q26) Which two startups from Sikkim participated in World Expo, Dubai?

Answer. NE origins and Cas Collective 

Q27) What is the name of the campaign which is a tribal initiative and Joint Action Plan for TB elimination, launched by the Sikkim government?

Answer. Aashwashan

Q28) Who is the first music student from Sikkim to receive the award of scholarship to young artists in different cultures fields, by the Ministry of culture, Government of India?

Answer. Pritam Chettri 

Q29) What is the name of a football player from Sikkim who is a member of ISL winning team, Hyderabad FC this year?

Answer. Ashish Rai 

Q30) What is the name of Orchids Grower from Sikkim who has won first prize at the International workshop on Orchids at Andhra Pradesh?

Answer. B.B. Gurung

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