500+Topics for Speech in English for Students

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Are you looking for the list of topics for speech in English for students! From current events and social issues to personal experiences and academic interests, we’ve got you covered. Choose a topic that resonates with you and wow your audience with your fluency and eloquence.

Public speaking is an essential skill that can help you succeed both academically and professionally. That’s why Edukar has compiled a comprehensive list of speech topics to help you find inspiration and prepare for your next presentation. Our topics cover a wide range of areas, including current events, social issues, personal experiences, and academic interests.

Whether you’re preparing for a class presentation, a debate competition, or a public speaking event, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s explore our 500+ exciting speech topics that will help you showcase your language skills and impress your audience.

But before that, we must know some basic concepts related to Speech.

What is a Speech?

A speech is a formal presentation delivered to an audience on a particular topic or subject. It is a spoken communication that is intended to inform, persuade, inspire, entertain, or motivate listeners. A speech can be given in various settings such as political rallies, conferences, ceremonies, business meetings, or academic events.

Types of Speech

There are generally four types of speech:

1. Informative Speech: An informative speech aims to educate or inform the audience about a specific topic, concept, or process. The main objective is to provide the audience with new information or insights about a particular subject.

2. Persuasive Speech: A persuasive speech aims to persuade or convince the audience to take action or change their beliefs or attitudes about a particular issue. The speaker presents arguments and evidence to support their point of view.

3. Entertaining Speech: An entertaining speech aims to amuse, entertain, or delight the audience. The speaker may use humor, stories, or personal anecdotes to engage and captivate the audience.

4. Special Occasion Speech: A special occasion speech is typically delivered during a special event or occasion such as a graduation, wedding, or funeral. The speech aims to celebrate, honor, or commemorate the occasion and may include personal anecdotes or stories related to the event or the people involved.

Speech Topics on Great Indian Leaders

Speech Topics on Environment and Nature

Speech Topics on Festivals and Events

  • Children’s Day Speech
  • Christmas Day Speech
  • Gandhi Jayanti Speech
  • Hindi Diwas Speech
  • Human Rights Day Speech
  • Independence Day Speech
  • International Women’s Day Speech
  • Labour Day Speech
  • Mother’s Day Speech
  • Speech on Ambedkar Jayanti
  • Speech On Baisakhi
  • Speech On Diwali
  • Speech On World Population Day
  • Teachers Day Speech

Speech Topics on Famous Proverbs

  • Health Is Wealth Speech
  • Knowledge Is Power Speech
  • Laughter Is The Best Medicine Speech
  • Speech On Unity Is Strength

Speech Topics for Special Occasions

  • Best Man Speech
  • Farewell Speech for Seniors
  • Farewell Speech for Teacher
  • Annual Function Speech
  • Farewell Speech For Colleague
  • Retirement Farewell Speech
  • Thank You Speech
  • Thank You Speech For Award
  • Thank You Speech For Birthday
  • Thank You Speech For Farewell
  • Vote Of Thanks Speech
  •  Welcome Speech For Republic Day
  • Welcome Speech For Annual Function
  • Welcome Speech For College Function
  • Welcome Speech For Conference
  • Welcome Speech For Event
  • Welcome Speech For Farewell

Speech Topics on Social Issues

  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Speech
  • Clean India Speech
  • Organ Donation Speech
  • Road Safety Speech
  • Speech on Save Girl Child
  • Speech On Child Labour
  • Speech On Agriculture
  • Speech On Cleanliness
  • Speech On Corruption
  • Women Empowerment Speech
  • Speech On Unemployment

Speech Topics about Education

  • Importance Of Education Speech
  • Speech on Education
  • Speech on Social Media
  • Speech On Books
  • Speech On Education System In India
  • Speech On Girls Education
  • Value Of Education Speech

Speech Topics on Public Speaking Topics

  • Speech On Article 370
  • Speech On Constitution Of India
  • Election Speech
  • Leadership Speech
  • Political Speech
  • Speech On Internet
  • Speech On Technology
  • Speech On Unity
  • Speech On Yoga
  • Speech On Travel And Tourism
  • Speech On Health
  • Speech About Youth
  • Speech On Fashion
  • Speech On Generation Gap
  • Speech On Indian Army
  • Speech On Indian Culture
  • Speech On Importance Of Cleanliness

Motivational Speech Topics

  • Speech About Dreams
  • Speech About Life
  • Speech On Time
  • Speech on Time Management
  • Speech on Success
  • Speech on Self Confidence
  • Speech on hard work
  • Speech On Discipline
  • Speech On Happiness
  • Speech On Kindness
  • Speech On Value Of Time
  • Speech On Health And Fitness


What are some good topics for a speech?

There are countless topics you could choose from, depending on your interests and the audience you’ll be speaking to. Some popular categories for speeches include current events, social issues, personal experiences, entertainment, and inspirational or motivational messages.

How do I choose the right topic for my speech?

Consider your audience, your purpose, and your own interests and expertise when choosing a topic. It’s important to choose something that you feel passionate about and that your audience will find interesting and relevant.

How long should my speech be?

The length of your speech will depend on the specific requirements of your assignment or event. Generally, a speech should be between 5 and 10 minutes, although some speeches may be shorter or longer.

What are some tips for preparing and delivering a great speech?

Practice, practice, practice! Prepare your speech well in advance, and rehearse it several times to make sure you’re comfortable with the material. Use notes or an outline if you need to, but try not to rely on them too heavily during your actual presentation. Speak clearly and confidently, and make eye contact with your audience. Remember to pace yourself, and take deep breaths if you start to feel nervous.

How can I engage my audience during my speech?

Use anecdotes, humor, or visuals to capture your audience’s attention and keep them interested. Make sure you’re speaking clearly and at an appropriate volume, and ask questions or encourage feedback to encourage interaction. Finally, make sure your speech is well-organized and easy to follow, so your audience can stay focused on your message.

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