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Haryana Current Affairs [Latest 2021 & 2022]

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Haryana is a Rajput princely state in west central India, constituting most of the western part of the state of Punjab. As of 2022, Haryana has a population of over 27 million people. The state has seven districts and 22 divisions.

Haryana is one of the most prosperous states in India. It is a state which is home to the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (H) at Hisar and the state capital, Chandigarh. The history of Haryana is deeply rooted in the culture, heritage and tradition.

Haryanvi people speak the dialect of Hindi and are mostly known for their traditional attires and their love for food. Haryanvi people have a strong sense of community and they value their family and traditions.

Haryana Current Affairs

Q1) Haryana has got the opportunity of hosting ‘khelo India youth games’ in February 2022 in which about __________ players from all over the country would participate in different sports disciplines?

Answer. 12k 

Q2) Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala advocated a land pooling under the _____________ scheme, so that rural population owning land get maximum benefit and employment opportunities also get enhanced in villages? 

Answer. PADMA

Q3) Haryana state Pollution control board(HSPCB) has imposed a fine of around rupees ___________ crore on 308 industrial units including stone crushers and for illegal groundwater extraction in the past two years. 

Answer. 40

Q4) Haryana government is giving __________ percent subsidy on solar pumps under PM Kusum.

Answer. 75 

Q5) The groundwater crisis continues to deepen in the agrarian state of Haryana with annual water level decline reported in about ________ percent wells covering all 22 districts of the state?

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Answer. 58 

Q6) State government is currently developing an integrated aviation hub at _________ wherein 7200 acres of land have been earmarked for this purpose. 

Answer. Hisar

Q7) Haryana has signed a framework of engagement (FoE) to enhance the bilateral cooperation between the __________ and Haryana? 

Answer. UK

Q8) Integrated multiple complex is expected to take off soon in _________ district of Haryana.

Answer. Ambala 

Q9) National Youth Day is observed on _____________ January. 

Answer. 12

Q10) Anti-pollution drive to cost rupees _____________ crore in Faridabad.

Answer. 24 

Q11)  _____________, the largest Park of the karnal is located along NH-44 on around 40 acres. 

Answer. Atal Park

Q12)  _____________ new railway station will be built on the eastern and western dedicated freight corridor passing through Haryana.

Answer. 10

Q13) How many ‘centres of excellence’ will be opened in Haryana for research and development in e-mobility?

Answer. 5 

Q14) Which software system is being used by the Haryana government for computerisation of land records in its tehsils?

Answer. Web-Halris 

Q15) What is the income limit for identifying families in Haryana under the Antyodaya Parivar utthan Yojana?

Answer. 1,00,000 

Q16) Bhattu Kalan police station 3rd best police station in India. It is in which district of Haryana?

Answer. Fatehabad

Q17) Which scheme has been launched by the Haryana government to prevent illegal Mining in the state?

Answer. e-Ravana Yojana 

Q18) The Haryana government launched the Mukhya Mantri Bagwani Bima Yojana. It is related to what?

Answer. Agriculture 

Q19) Which portal has been launched by the Haryana government to ensure best quality seeds for farmers in the state?

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Answer. Uttam Beej Yojana 

Q20) Which scheme has been launched by the Haryana government to provide ownership rights to citizens in all the urban bodies in the state subject to certain conditions?

Answer. Mukhya Mantri Shahari Nikay Yojana 

Q21) In which district of Haryana India’s 1st ‘Grain ATM’ is being set up?

Answer. Gurugram

Q22) How many ramsar sites are there in Haryana?

Answer. 2

Q23) Which airport in Haryana has been named after Maharaja Agrasen International Airport? 

Answer. Hisar Airport

Q24) What is the rank of Haryana in the sustainable development goals (SDG) India index and Dashboard 2020-21 which was released by NITI Aayog?

Answer. 8th

Q25) What is the rank of Haryana state pollution control board in the transparency index rating report released by the centre for science and environment (CSE), New Delhi?

Answer. Seventh 

Q26) Who has been appointed by the Haryana government as the goodwill ambassador for the water conservation campaign? 

Answer. Manika Sheokand

Q27) In which city the Haryana government will build a Memorial Museum to honour the martyrs of the 1875 Uprising? 

Answer. Ambala

Q28) Recently, which former Chief Minister of Rajasthan and former governor of Haryana and Bihar passed away? 

Answer. Jagannath Pahadia 

Q29) How many athletes from Haryana participated in the Tokyo Olympic 2020?

Answer. 31

Q30) A new All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) project is being constructed at Majra village, Haryana. It is in which district?

Answer. Rewari

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