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Uttarakhand Current Affairs [Latest Updated 2021-2022]

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Uttarakhand is a state in the Northern India. It is the twelfth largest state by area in the country. Its capital and largest city is Dehradun. Uttarakhand, literally meaning “North Country,” was formed on 9 November 2000 as the 27th state of the Republic of India. The state covers some of the most spectacular mountains in the world, including the Kumaon, Garhwal, and the Kailash ranges. The state is bordered by Tibet to the north and Nepal to the west.

The state is bordered by Uttar Pradesh to the West, Nepal to the North and Jammu and Kashmir to the south. Uttarakhand has a diverse geography, with forested and hilly terrain and plains.

Uttarakhand Latest Current Affairs

Q1) World Hindi day is celebrated every year in January _________ .

Answer. 10 

Q2) Workers engaged in the construction work of the road being built on the India-China border in _________ will be brought by helicopter to cast their votes.

Answer. Pithoragarh

Q3) Ghughutia, a folk festival celebrated on ________ in Uttarakhand.

Answer. Makar Sankranti 

Q4) Under which of the schemes recently was it made mandatory for the beneficiaries to do e-KYC?

Answer. Pm Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana 

Q5) The National Tiger Conservation Authority conducts a tiger census every _________ years. 

Answer. 4

Q6) What is the place of Uttarakhand in terms of numbers of tigers in India?

Answer. 3rd

Q7) The Lokayukta Act was passed in the state of Uttarakhand in the year________ . 

Answer. 2011

Q8) “Aberrant Bush blue” spotted for the first time in Jim Corbett Park is a type of 

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Answer. Butterfly 

Q9) CM Pushkar Singh Dhami laid the foundation stone of__________ of the project at jhabrera Mandi Parishad.

Answer. 13

Q10) Chila-Motichur corridor is considered to be the largest and oldest corridor for wildlife in which state?

Answer. Uttarakhand

Q11) Which of the math to be renamed jyotirmath?

Answer. Joshimath

Q12) Memorandum of understanding (mou) to be signed between the two countries India and ________ for a bridge on the Mahakali river at Dharchula. 

Answer. Nepal 

Q13) Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of multiple development projects to the tune of rupees __________ crore in Dehradun.

Answer. 18k

Q14) Uttarakhand Forest Department opened up a tree house for tourists in _______ district.

Answer. Nainital

Q15) Prime Minister Narendra Modi will confer the Subhash Chandra Bose Rashtriya Aapda prabandhan Puraskar upon disaster mitigation and management centre (DMMC) of_________ government. 

Answer. Uttarakhand 

Q16) How many participants from Uttarakhand received silver medals in the India skills National competition 2021? 

Answer. 2

Q17) Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami declared that sanitization workers would now get a daily allowance of rupees_______ instead of rupees 350 which is given at present. 

Answer. 500

Q18) Uttarakhand Police has searched and reunited as many as 1072 missing children, teenagers, elderly, youth and other people to their families under its 3-month-long operation ___________ .

Answer. smile

Q19) Anoop Nautiyal has advocated for __________ district model for increase in voting percentage in the mountainous area of the state. 

Answer. Uttarkashi

Q20) Union Jal Shakti ministry gave the financial approval to the Lakhwar Dam Project. It is built on which river?

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Answer. Yamuna

Q21) Recently Muniyari Raima has received the GI tag. Munsiyari is situated in which district?

Answer. Pithoragarh

Q22) Bhotia dann recently received the GI tag. Bhotia Dann is a type of what? 

Answer. Handmade Carpet

Q23) What was the rank of Uttarakhand in Public Affairs Index 2021 among the small states?

Answer. 10th 

Q24) What is the rank of Uttarakhand in the good governance index 2021 among the north-east and hill states?

Answer. 3rd

Q25) Ringal craft is a famous handicraft of Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Ringal is a what type of material? 

Answer. Bamboo 

Q26) With Which organisation Uttarakhand government has signed an MOU to introduce STEM program for girls in Secondary And Higher Secondary Schools?

Answer. IBM

Q27) India’s first forest healing Centre inaugurated at which town of Uttarakhand? 

Answer. Ranikhet 

Q28) What is the name of the new discovered plant in Uttarakhand which belongs to the genus Allium?

Answer. Allium Negianum

Q29) What is the name of the India-UK military exercise which was held at Chaubatia, Uttarakhand? 

Answer. Ajeya Warrior

Q30) Which is the new administrative division of Uttarakhand State? 

Answer. Gairsain 

Q31) Asia’s largest liquid mirror telescope will be installed at which district of Uttarakhand? 

Answer. Nainital

Q32) Defence Minister of India laid the foundation stone of Sainya Dham in which city of Uttarakhand? 

Answer. Dehradun

Q33) In which district of Uttarakhand India’s first Moss Garden is established? 

Answer. Nainital

Q34) Which among the following will be developed as the spiritual smart hill town? 

Answer. Badrinath Dham 

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Q35) Himalayan Glaciology National Centre will be established at which place in Uttarakhand? 

Answer. Mussoorie 

Q36) Who has been made the brand ambassador to promote Uttarakhand’s Art, Tourism and Culture? 

Answer. Pawandeep Rajan 

Q37) Uttarakhand’s first nature canopy walk will be made in the Forest of Baniyakund adjacent to chopta in Uttarakhand. It is situated in which district? 

Answer. Rudraprayag

Q38) Recently Uttarakhand tourism and culture minister declared devidhura fair as a state fair. It is celebrated on which festival? 

Answer. Raksha Bandhan 

Q39) Har ki Doon will be the first Trekking cluster of Uttrakhand. It is in which district? 

Answer. Uttarkashi 

Q40) Devalsari region is likely to be declared as the first biodiversity Heritage site of Uttarakhand. It is located in which district? 

Answer. Tehri Garhwal

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