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Nagaland Current Affairs [Latest 2021 & 2022]

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Nagaland Latest Current Affairs

Q1) Who inaugurated the Honey Testing Lab in Nagaland recently? 

Answer. Narendar Singh Tomar

Q2) Shri T Senka Ao got the padma shri award 2022 in the field of?

Answer. Literature & Education

Q3) Who was the 1st Naga Women to be a member of parliament in India?

Answer. S Pangnon Konyak

Q4) Recently which tribe in Nagaland was included in Nagaland Reservation Quota?

Answer. Tikhir

Q5) Name the Nagaland first SaaS (Software as Service) company that provided integrated Cloud-Based software and Mobile Apps for Churches?

Answer. Tabernacle

Q6) Nagaland set up its first Mega power plant project in which place?

Answer. Niuland 

Q7) Which state/UT has the lowest infant mortality rate in India?

Answer. Nagaland

Q8) Name the Naga Women who has received the National Best Women Vaccinator’s Award?

Answer. Keneingunuo Angami & K Kushen Khiam

Q9) __________ is the 16th district of Nagaland?

Answer. Shamator

Q10) As of january to july 2022, how many new districts were created by the govt of Nagaland?

Answer. 1

Q11) Which hospitals in Nagaland recently opened a state-of-art Cardiac Care Centre?

Answer. Christian Institute of health science & research

Q12) What is PIMS w.r.t Nagaland?

Answer. Database for all Govt employees

Q13) Which state is the first in India to implement a national e-vidhan application (NeVA)?

Answer. Nagaland

Q14) Who is the First woman Rajya Sabha MP from Nagaland?

Answer. S Phangnon Konyak

Q15) Which district of Nagaland received National Award for e-Governance (Silver) at 24th National conference on e-Governance for use of ICT in the management of COVID-19?

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Answer. Mon

Q16) The 13th district of Nagaland, Tseminyu district was officially inaugurated on ___________ by Nagaland Chief Minister Nelphulu Rio in Tseminyu. Tseminyu was notified of a new district on ____________ .

Answer. 24 Feb. 2022 & 20 Dec. 2021

Q17) The Supreme Court issued directions to the Nagaland State Election Commission to complete the Urban Local Bodies (ULB) election and declare results for the same by the end of ___________ ? 

Answer. January 2023

Q18) Niuland District (14th) was inaugurated on?  

Answer. 28th June 2022

Q19) How many Naga students were affected by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war?

Answer. Three

Q20) Who in Nagaland received the National Social Soldier award 2022 by the National Council of Women?

Answer. Yibeni Humtsoe

Q21) Prior to recognition, Tikhir tribe was considered as a sub-tribe of ________ Naga tribe.

Answer. Yim Kyung

Q22) As per the Nagaland budget estimate for 2022-23, gross receipts estimated is?

Answer. Rs 24,389.80 crore

Q23) As per the Nagaland budget estimate for 2022-23, the negative opening balance is?

Answer. Rs 2363.04 crore

Q24) Who is the present President of Nagaland Olympic Association (2022)?

Answer. Neiphiu Rio

Q25) In how many districts of Nagaland AFSPA is STILL IN FORCE will effect from 1 April 2022?

Answer. 9 Districts

Q26) What is the total number of districts carved out of Tuensang district as of Jan. 2022 since the formation of Nagaland State in 1963?

Answer. 5

Q27) Who from Nagaland won silver at the GAMMA World Championships in March 2022?

Answer. Long Tsukuba Ao

Q28) What are the total Padma Award recipients from Nagaland (All Padma Awards)?

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Answer. 16

Q29) Who inaugurated Tseminyu District?

Answer. Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu

Q30) How many persons from Nagaland have received Padma Shri Award as of April 2022?

Answer. 14

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