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Madhya Pradesh Current Affairs [Latest 2021-2022]

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Madhya Pradesh is in central India, and is a state with the population of approximately 7.27 Crores. The capital, Bhopal, is the state’s largest city and also the capital of the region. Madhya Pradesh is a prosperous state with a GDP of ₹11.69 lakh crore. Madhya Pradesh is a leader in agricultural production and has one of the highest densities of population in the country. It is also the largest producer of food grains in the country. Madhya Pradesh produces large quantities of oilseeds such as soybean and soybean meal. Its major industries include chemicals, textiles, and food processing.

The state borders the states of Uttar Pradesh to the northeast, Chhattisgarh to the east, Maharashtra to the south, Telangana to the south and Andhra Pradesh to the west.

Madhya Pradesh Latest Current Affairs

Q1) Recently, Brucella vaccination campaign was started in Madhya Pradesh. It is related to which animal?

Answer. Cow-buffalo 

Q2) Who from Madhya Pradesh has been nominated as director in mazagon dock Limited? 

Answer. Neeru Singh Giani

Q3) How much amount will be given per family to the family units accepting voluntary resettlement from the protected areas and villages of the Tiger Reserve corridor area of the Madhya Pradesh state?

Answer. Rs.15 Lakh

Q4) Recently Bhumi-Pujan of an agro based food cluster was performed sanawad in Madhya Pradesh. It is being built in which district? 

Answer. Khargone

Q5) STARS Program is related to which of the programs? 

Answer. School education 

Q6) The Madhya Pradesh government provided self employment to a large number of youth by organising employment fairs in all the districts of the state on the occasion of Youth Day. It is held on which day every year? 

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Answer. 12th January 

Q7) Which minister launched the newly developed website of the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission?

Answer. Mangubhai Patel 

Q8) National Handloom Expo 2021-22 was held in which city of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer. Bhopal 

Q9) In the 39th senior and 23rd open sprint national rowing championships, the players of Madhya Pradesh state rowing Academy won a total of seven medals. It was held in which city?

Answer. Pune 

Q10)  Who from Madhya Pradesh has been selected for the international crafts award 2021?

Answer. Mubarik Khatri 

Q11) Who from Madhya Pradesh was honoured with the Dakhal Gaurav Samman-2022?

Answer. Keshav Pandey 

Q12) In which two national parks of Madhya Pradesh, will Air Safari be started? 

Answer. Kanha & Bandhavgarh

Q13) Shani Dev temple, located in the picturesque hill of Aanti village in Madhya Pradesh, is situated in which district? 

Answer. Morena

Q14) World’s modern cath lab and Central India’s first model cath lab was inaugurated in which district of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer. Bhopal 

Q15) Madhya Pradesh power transmission company has energised a new 132 KV Ultra high pressure service station at Chanderi village. It is in which district of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer. Ashoknagar 

Q16) Who is the chairman of the state animal welfare advisory board, Madhya Pradesh? 

Answer. Prem Singh Patel 

Q17) On which day the birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose is celebrated?

Answer. 23rd January 

Q18) What is the rank of Madhya Pradesh in the opening of accounts under the ‘Sukanya Samridhi Yojana’? 

Answer. 1st

Q19) What is the authorised share capital of Madhya Pradesh state Asset Management Company (SPV)?

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Answer. Rs. 1000 crore

Q20) India’s first Geo Park will be established at lamheta village in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh. It will be built along the banks of which river? 

Answer. Narmada 

Q21) Bhoi Wetland, a ramsar site, is situated in which city of Madhya Pradesh? 

Answer. Bhopal 

Q22) ‘Project Mirai’ in Madhya Pradesh is related to what? 

Answer. Learning foreign language

Q23) Recently, how many new city councils have been formed by the Madhya Pradesh government? 

Answer. 4

Q24) Ghughua Fossil Park is situated in which district of Madhya Pradesh? 

Answer. Dindori

Q25) What is the name of the first baby feeding centre of Madhya Pradesh launched at the Jiwaji University Gwalior?

Answer. Dular 

Q26) Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced the name of the Global skill park after Sant Shiromani Ravidas ji Maharaj. It has been established in which city? 

Answer. Bhopal

Q27) What is the total sanctioned strength of judges in the Madhya Pradesh High Court?

Answer. 53

Q28) In which district of Madhya Pradesh Asia’s largest Gobar-Dhan Bio-CNG Plant was inaugurated? 

Answer. Indore 

Q29) Recently, which company has resumed the restoration of 200 Temple clusters of Bateshwar located in Morena, Madhya Pradesh?

Answer. Infosys 

Q30) Who is the chairman of the Madhya Pradesh Trade Promotion Council?

Answer. Shivraj Singh Chauhan

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