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Medieval Indian History-General Knowledge [Important Questions]

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In India, there was a period known as the medieval period. This is a time period that is right before the modern period, which is what we are in now. The medieval period was a time period in which the Indian subcontinent consisted of many smaller kingdoms. These kingdoms would fight with each other, but they would also cooperate. The medieval period was also a time period in which the caste system was still a very prevalent thing in India.

Medieval Indian History is the study of Indian history from about 1000 AD to about 1500 AD. It is a period of history that is often overlooked by Western historians. It encompasses the rise of Islam, the Turkish and Mongol invasions, and the rise of the Mughal Empire.

Medieval Indian history is one of the most popular topics in the History major. This is because it is a significant part of world history. There are many important events that happened during this time and many topics that can be discussed. There are many different opinions and ideas about this history, which makes it important to know the different points of view.

Medieval Indian History

Medieval Indian History

Q1: Todarmal is associated with the revenue system known as?

Ans: Zabti or Zabt

Q2: The original name of Tansen, the the Greatest musician of the court of Akbar, was?

Ans: Ramatanu Pande

Q3: The greatest historian of the reign of Akbar, who wrote Ain-i-Akbari, was

Ans: Abdul Fazal

Q4: Akbar granted the present site of Amritsar to the Sikh guru

Ans: Amar Das

Q5: The most important poet at the code of Mahmud of Ghazni, who wrote shahnama and is regarded as the” Immortal Homer of the East” was

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Ans: Firdausi

Q6: Mohammed Ghori laid the foundation of the Turkish Empire in India by defeating

Ans: Prithviraj Chauhan in second Battle of tarain & Chandra in the battle of chandawar

Q7: It is said that Mohammed-Bin-Bakhtiyar kalji, one of the commanders of Mohd Ghuri, Conquered Nadiya with only 18 horsemen. The king of Bengal who then fled barefoot from his Palace was 

Ans: Lakshamanasena

Q8: The Buddhist universities of Nalanda and Vikramshila in Bihar were destroyed during the inventions of?

Ans: Ali Mardan Khilji

Q9: The real founder of the Sultanate of Delhi and its first dynasty was?

Ans: Iltutmish

Q10: From the point of view of Turkish rule, the most important contribution of Iltutmish was?

Ans: He organized the iqta system

Q11: Haziiya( the daughter of Iltutmish) the only woman ruler in the history of  medieval India ascended The Throne with the support of?

Ans: Army, nobility, people of Delhi

Q12:  Who was the first medieval ruler to  profound the divine theory of kingship?

Ans: Balban

Q13: Who was the first Sultan of Delhi to cross the Narmada and move to the south?

Ans: Alauddin Khilji

Q14: The only known ruler in the history of India to have fixed the prices of different commodities, digitally and forced quality control and ensured easy availability of essential commodities?

Ans: Alauddin Khilji 

Q15:  Alauddin Khilji digitally and forced “market control” Aur economic regulations for 

Ans: Building up a large and contended army with small salaries,  the general Welfare of the people.

Q16: The Sultan who completed the conquest of the south and broke the political barriers between the north and the South was?

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Ans: Mohammad- Bin-Tughlaq

Q17: The most important aspect of Sultan Firoz Tughlaq’s Constructive policy was?

Ans: Digging of canals and wells

Q18: The Sultan of Delhi who transferred Monolithic mauryan pillars to Delhi to beautify his capital, was?

Ans: Firuz Tughlaq

Q19: Timur invaded India and ordered General massacre care of the people of Delhi during the reign of?

Ans: Nasir-Ud-Din-Mehmood

Q20: Ruling dynasty established in India at the instance of Timur was?

Ans: Saiyad

Q21: The Akbar of Kashmir who reconstructed and rehabilitated all the temples and asked Jonaraja to continue further Kalhana’s Rajatarangini, was?

Ans: Zain-ul-abidin

Q22: The most decisive battle between the forces of Dara and Aurangzeb was fought at? it

Ans: Samugarh

Q23: Assuming the title of Alamgir, Aurangzeb crowned himself as Emperor on July 21,1658 at?

Ans: Delhi

Q24: The famous Mughal general who conquered Assam, Chittagong in the north-east was?

Ans: Mir Jumla

Q25:  Aurangzeb, in his attempt to annex Marwar to the mughal empire,  was involved in a 30-year war.During these long years the most valiant struggle from the side of Marwar was fought by?

Ans: Durgadas

Q26: The Sikh guru executed by Aurangzeb after cruel torture was?

Ans: Tegh Bahadur

Q27: During the last 25 years of his reign, Aurangzeb was mainly involved in long drawn words against?

Ans: Marathas

Q28: Shivaji founded the Maratha Kingdom by annexing the territories of?

Ans: Bijapur and Mughals

Q29: The liberal religion preached by the saints of Maharashtra and rigidly followed by Shivaji is known as?

Ans: Maharashtra Dharma

Q30: The Mughal general, who decisively defeated Shivaji and forced him to conclude the Treaty of Purandar, was?

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Ans: Mirza Raja Jai Singh

Q31: The Maratha Dominion of Shivaji was known as?

Ans: Swaraj

Q32: The administrative Council of Shivaji was known as?

Ans: Ashtapradhan

Q33: The Mughal troops were largely drawn from?

Ans: Mansabdars

Q34: The Jagirdars during the Mughal period were?

Ans: All assignees of Jagirs

Q35: Nur Jehan Is associated with the construction of?

Ans: Her husband’s tomb at Shahdara( Lahore) & Her father Itimad-ud-Daulah’s tomb at Agra

Q36: Two Marble masterpieces of the reign of Shah jahan were?

Ans: Pearl mosque & Tajmahal

Q37: Among the Bahmani rulers, who conquered the kingdom of Warangal?

Ans: Ahmad Shah

Q38: Where is Muslim Mosque situated where the hair of Paigambar Mohammad Sahib has been preserved?

Ans: Srinagar

Q39: The capital city “Daydo” Established by Kulbai Khan is situated at?

Ans: Beijing

Q40: The Mughal painting reached its Zenith during the reign?

Ans: Jahangir

Q41: The capital of Yadava rulers was?

Ans: Devagiri

Q42: The Bahmani Kingdom was founded by?

Ans: Alaudin Hasan

Q43: Dilwara Temple at Mount Abu in Rajasthan was built by the followers of?

Ans: Jainism

Q44: Alberuni came to India with?

Ans: Mehmud of Ghajini

Q45: Where did traveler Ibn Battuta ki come from?

Ans: Morocco

Q46: Who built the Khajuraho Temples?

Ans: Chandela Rajputs

Q47: “Kirti Stambh” known as Tower of Victory was built by?

Ans: Rana Kumbha

Q48: Where was Saint Kabir born?

Ans: Varanasi

Q49: Which language was in vogue during the Mughal period in the courts of?

Ans: Persian 

Q50: The writer of Ramcharitmanas, Tulsidas was related to which ruler?

Ans: Akbar

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