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The Snake Trying Summary [Class 9]

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NameThe Snake Trying
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorWilliam Wrighton Eustace Ross

Quick Introduction about “The Snake Trying”

Chapter 9 of the category Class 9 English Supplementary Reader – Footprints Without Feet, contains of a prose – The Snake Trying which is about a snake. A snake that’s feared by humans & categorized as a logo of death is truly a victim in the poem. The snake is trying to save himself from a person who is trying to kill him. Through this poem, the poet wants to send a message to the globe that every creature is gorgeous. Here’s the prose summary of this chapter described in CBSE English Note Class 9 format. CBSE Class 9 children’s can have a glance at the prose summary of The Snake Trying here. They can check the CBSE Class 9 English essay Notes –The Snake Trying while gearing up for his or her Board exams.

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Short Summary- The Snake Trying

The poem is all about the case of a snake. During this poem, the problem of a snake is described in a very beautiful manner. Someday, a snake was relaxing near a water body. A person was also there at that time. Seeing the snake, he instantly got afraid. He ran with a stick in the direction of snake to kill him, assuming that the snake would hurt him. The snake, on the opposite hand, was afraid & tried to save himself. 

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To save himself, the snake made curves in his body & sail through the water. The poet here tried to point out the beauty of nature’s creation. The snake looks very beautiful and engaging to the poet when it moves its long & thin body through the water. 

The snake tries to save itself. He tries to cover its green body behind the bushes. Anyone, be it humans or animals will try to save them from possible hazard. The snake also attempt to do the same. The poet here is showing sympathetic towards the snake. He tries to stop the person from hurting the snake and requests the person to let the snake escape. A poet is a soft-hearted person who is affectionate towards the animals. He here tries to convey a message that we, human beings, should be affectionate toward the animals. Not every animal is dangerous. 

The person, in turn, doesn’t pay any attention to the poet’s plea & continues to chase the snake. The person here symbolizes an evil person. How much you try to stop the evil man, he’s not going to stop. They continue doing their evil act. But somehow, the snake was able to get away from the danger & disappeared. The chase ended with this & the snake was able to save itself. 

About the Author

The poem The Snake Trying has been written by a famous author William Wrighton Eustace Ross also called as W. W. E. Ross. Ross was born on 14 June 1894 in the Peterborough city of Ontario which is situated in Canada, to his parents Ralph & Ella Louise Ross. Ross was grown up in Pembroke, Ontario. With the help of his studies, he also did summer work on the geographical surveys in Northern Ontario & also studied geophysical science at the University of Toronto. He is also known as the ‘First Modern Canadian Poet’ because of his important contribution to Canadian literature, particularly in poetry.

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Formation of the Poem 

W.W.E. Ross’ poem ‘The Snake Trying’ consist a total of 16 lines in it. The other thing about the poem is that it doesn’t have a group rhyming scheme. It’s been written in the form of free poetry, and therefore the flow has been maintained by the poet’s internal rhythm. On the opposite hand, slant rhymes are utilized by the poet in a few situations.

Conclusion- “The Snake Trying”

In this chapter – The Snake Trying teaches Class 9 students that we should not run behind innocent animals to kill them simply because they’re in front of our eyes. They may be poisonous as the snake, but they don’t hurt us all the time. Rather, we, humans, attempt to kill these innocent animals simply because we assume that they’re going to harm us. We must always respect each & every creature of the globe & praise their beauty instead of trying to harm or kill them. We hope this CBSE Class 9 English Footprints Without Feet brief Summary of The Snake Trying will facilitate you to have a thorough understanding of the chapter. Meanwhile, you can visit to access resources on CBSE Notes and CBSE Study Material & etc. for your Board exams preparation. You can also check our website for educational content.

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