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The Summer of Beautiful White Horse Summary (Class 11) By William Saroyan

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The Summer Of The White Horse Summary Class 11
NameThe Summer of Beautiful White Horse
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorWilliam Saroyan

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse, Class 11, is a wonderful story depicted in simple & placid language. The summary of ‘The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse’ narrate the childhood incident of the writer in a precise way. The subsequent article presents the Summer of the Beautiful White Horse summary, which the children’s of Class 11 are going to find very helpful. You’re suggested to travel through it thoroughly so that you can write down the answers & make reference to the context on your own.

Theme– “The Summer of The Beautiful White Horse”

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse summary tell an incident from the writer’s childhood. The incident makes the writer nostalgic. As reported by the summary of The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse, the storyline’s is about the cousin of the writer, who is known as Mourad & a beautiful white horse. The beautiful white horse was elicited by Mourad on a summer morning. The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse outline the facts about Mourad: his uncommon gesture, how he was loved by everybody within the village, the special characteristic of his having the ability to remain cool in worrying situations, and also the special incident regarding the horse. In a nutshell, this is the summary of The attractive White Horse. Within the following section, we present you with a brief summary of The Summer of the beautiful White Horse.

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Quick Summary- The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse summary narrates the story of two American boys who belong to the Garoghlanian tribe. The people of the tribe are sincere & that they stick to their honesty even within the worst of situations.

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse summary also reveals that the boys of that individual tribe never steal or lie. As per the summary of The Beautiful White Horse, Aram, a Nine year teenage boy & Mourad, Aram’s 13 year old cousin, got a beautiful white horse. Aram is extremely enthusiastic about the world & Mourad is a passionate one amongst all. 

The Summer of Beautiful White Horse summary start with the visit of Mourad at Aram’s house in the morning at 4 a.m. Aram was riding a good looking white horse which astonished Aram. Aram could not believe his eyes.

The horse was kept by them for a few days. Both of them used to ride horses. Nobody knew about the horse. The horse was kept in an exceedingly shed at an abandoned vineyard. If you delve deeper into The Summer of the gorgeous White Horse summary Class 11, you will find it as story of a lifespan. You will be able to learn something for a lifespan. A few days later, Aram came to know that the horse was purloin from John Byro. They decided not to give back the horse. But their morals hold them back.

Finally, the 2 boys with the horse were identified by John. But, John didn’t tell them everything as he knew the level of honesty of the family of the boys. He just told the boys that the gorgeous white horse was almost like the horse he owned. His words pretentious the boys a lot. The words affected the morals of the boys. They were saddened by the very fact that they’d disobeyed the things they were taught since childhood. They decided to offer the horse back to its owner. The horse was found by John the following day. The incident made John more than happy. He found the horse well maintained, healthier & more polite than earlier.

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From the upper summary of The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse, we are able to identify the honesty of the 2 boys in an adverse situation. They could easily reject the fact & keep the horse for their use. But they did not do that. Their morals stopped them. Summary: The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse teaches us something very special about honesty and integrity, which we can use in our day to day life. The boys weren’t very old. But they stood steady in front of greed & desire.

About the Author

William Saroyan was born in Fresno in 1908 & is the writer of The Summer Of The Beautiful White Horse. Author was a playwright, novelist & brief-story writer of Armenian descent. In 1940, he got the Pulitzer Prize for Drama & in 1943 with the film The Human Comes, he also got the Academy Award for Best Story.

Conclusion of “The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

In this chapter– The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse teaches Class 11 students that in spite of social or economic challenges, there are some truths which are absolute & should be practiced under all conditioned. It is undeniable that the story is set within a family that is below par. We hope this CBSE Class 11 English Footprints Without Feet brief Summary of The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse will facilitate you to have a thorough understanding of the chapter. Meanwhile, you can visit to access resources on CBSE Notes & CBSE Study Material & etc. for your Board exams preparation. You can also visit our Website for academic content.

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