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Two Gentlemen of Verona Summary-Archibald Joseph Cronin

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NameTwo Gentlemen of Verona
AuthorArchibald Joseph Cronin


Author of the book and physician in both Wales and London, A.J. Cronian was born in 1896. He ended up authoring his first book, “Hatter’s Castle,” while he was ill and recovering. His novel immediately brought him fame. So he made the decision to leave the medical field and pursue writing full-time. One of his most well-known pieces is ‘The Spanish Gardener. You can read a summary of his other well-known piece, Two Gentlemen of Verona, in this article.

The title of this narrative, “Two Gentlemen of Verona,” which is taken from an early William Shakespeare play, is interesting. The plot centres on the struggles two sincere & unselfish young brothers go through to help their tuberculosis-stricken sister. It reflects the idea that there is hope for humanity as long as people are prepared to make sacrifices for the benefit of others. Continue reading to learn more about Two Gentlemen of Verona.

English Summary-Two Gentlemen of Verona

The narrator is travelling with his friend across the foothills of the Alps. Two young guys stop their car while they are travelling outside of Verona to sell wild strawberries. The driver doesn’t want to buy strawberries from the young boys since he thinks they are pretty untidy. The friend of the narrator then discovers the brothership of the boys. Nicola is the older sibling, age 13, and Jacopo is the younger sibling, age 12. The narrator and his partner leave for the city after purchasing the largest basket of strawberries from the boys. The following morning, they notice the same two boys shining shoes once more, and when questioned, they respond that they do various things for a living. They also offer the narrator and his companion the opportunity to serve as tour guides & show visitors around the town’s attractions. Thus, the narrator requests that they take them to Juliet’s tomb. The two young boys prove to be of great assistance to the tourists throughout their stay in the town. 

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After that, the boys are discovered one night having prepared to sell a bundle of unsold newspapers when the last bus arrived. After speaking with them, the narrator inquires about their motivation for working so tirelessly. Also, he asked them why they didn’t spend any money on food and clothing when they appeared to earn enough money. He is informed by Nicola that they had something on their minds, but he did not clarify.

Jacopo then asks the narrator to drive them to the village of Polenta, which is some 30 kilometres distant, and drop them there. He asks him for a favour and says it would be wonderful. Nonetheless, Nicola finds it annoying that his brother is bothering the narrator. Yet, the narrator is happy to assist the boys in getting there. Therefore, he and his partner drive to the village the following afternoon. The young boys leave them behind and walk into a huge villa with a red roof, which is basically a hospital.

The narrator is hesitant to enter the hospital room. He tries to get information from the nurse about the hospitalised girl and the boys. Later on, the nurse informs him that these two boys’ sister Lucia is going through tuberculosis and she is related to them. She adds that a bomb dropped during the war damaged their house. Even their widowed father had been killed in the first few months of the war. His three kids were left to starve to death after he passed away. The narrator was informed by the nurse that the boys joined the resistance movement and began to hate the Germans who had taken control of the city. The boys had to admit Lucia to the hospital after she contracted tuberculosis after the war. As a result, they have been doing everything possible to pay the hospital on time.

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The narrator awaited outside the room. To give the idea that they were unaware of their secret, he said nothing to the guys as they were making their way back.

About The Author

Archibald Joseph Cronin (1896-1981) was a Scottish novelist, physician, and social reformer. He is best known for his works of fiction, which often explored social issues and the plight of the working class.

Cronin was born in Cardross, Scotland, and studied medicine at the University of Glasgow. After completing his studies, he worked as a doctor in various parts of Scotland, including the mining town of Tredegar, Wales, where he witnessed firsthand the harsh conditions endured by the working class.

Cronin began writing novels in the 1930s, and his early works, such as “Hatter’s Castle” (1931) and “The Stars Look Down” (1935), dealt with social issues such as poverty, class, and the struggle for dignity and justice. Many of his novels were also set in Scotland, where he drew upon his experiences as a doctor and his observations of Scottish life.


The author is greatly impacted by this account of young passion. They had bravely and humbly accepted the unexpected maturity that had been thrust upon them. Because of their love and dedication, the teenage males are regarded as gentlemen and wonderful beings. They performed the duties much like responsible adults. Our conclusion is that there is hope for humanity as long as people are willing to give up their own interests to benefit others.

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