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Madam Rides The Bus Summary (Class 10) By Vallikkannan

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NameMadam Rides The Bus
BoardCBSE Board

Madam Rides The Bus Summary Class 10 – The Class 10 English Chapter- Madam Rides The Bus is written by writer Vallikkannan. The prose could be a sensitive story that revolves around an eight-year-old girl and her first very adventurous bus ride into a replacement and different world outside her village. Her journey to the globe teaches her about life and death. Through this story, the writer presents the globe as a full from a child’s perspective. The microscopic protagonist wants to explore the planet and desires to go for another ride in the future.

The class 10 ‘Madam Rides The Bus chapter’ summary presented here, is meant for college kids to simply comprehend and understand the meaning and other literary connotations while preparing for his or her board exams. 

Intro. to the Summary of Chapter ‘Madam Rides the Bus

The chapter “Madam Rides the Bus” may be a story a couple of brave eight-year-old Valli who lives near a bus stop. She likes the hustle of the road, and therefore the treasured part was the sight of the arrival and departure of the bus, and thus, she developed an unbeatable desire and courage to satisfy her urge to travel and luxuriate in the ride on a bus. For this purpose, all styles of info. about the bus journey were collected, lowering all her expenses to avoid wasting enough money for the two-way transportation. She even planned accordingly specified Valli reached home before her mother wakened from her afternoon nap. Throughout the whole journey, she wants to feel freethinking. Thus, the story tells us how innocently but accountable Valli fulfilled her wish & experience on the bus ride. She also realizes how an occurrence made her realize the reality of death. However, she still hopes to travel explore, more & take another ride within the future.

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Summary of ‘Madam Rides the Bus’

The Summary of Madam Rides the Bus display a sensitive story about a little Tamil girl Valliammai, who is just eight years old. The insufficient girl with no friends to play with and curious to explore the skin world keeps looping in her favorite pastime of standing at the doorway & watches the happenings on the road outside lost within the wish to travel by a bus journey. She would watch people board the bus & travel between her village and also the nearest town and also the rushing of the passengers filled her with a way of eternal joy. She developed a robust urge to travel and acquaintance with the pleasure of a bus ride and started collecting all the necessary knowledge about the bus timings through eavesdropping on traveler’s conversations. Valli learned that the bus travels to the closest town, approx. six miles from her town & a thirty paise fare for one way. Valli started saving around sixty paise to require a ride on the bus.

Valli planned to require the bus & travel one afternoon while her mother was still napping because the bus arrives, she tells the conductor she would love to visit the town, and therefore the conductor jovially calls her madam & ushers her to the seat. She notices the green & white stripes of the bus with comfortable seats and opulent. She gets amused at how the driving force blows the whistle when a young cow that runs wildly before of the bus crosses the road, and to her, It absolutely was sort of a dream come true for her.

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However, the landscape became her prime focus, and eventually, when the bus started getting empty, the conductor asked her to urge down too but to which she responded that she was there for the bus ride. Soon, the conductor asked her if she would really like to run around and explore the stalls within the town, but she replied telling him that she had limited money that she needed to require the return bus ride. Valli collects her round-trip ticket from the conductor, and on her way back she notices that the identical cow that ran wildly ahead of her bus during her onward trip to the town lay dead by the roadside. The sight of the dead bleeding cow made her acknowledge the meaning of life in her terms and death and made her heart exclaim. After the bus dropped her at the bus stop, she come back home and didn’t share a word about her adventurous bus trip that she had taken all by herself, without their information.

A chapter to Learn from ‘Valli’

  • Be Curious Like ‘Valli’

Valli is the important character of the chapter madam rides the bus written by the writer vallikannan. Valli is an eight-year-old girl desirous to travel & explore new places as she feels stuck and bored in a small community. Her eagerness to travel over new places should be admired. Valli is curious to understand what’s out there in the world, her inquisitiveness aids her imagination. If we aren’t curious, we’d stop touring and eventually stop learning. Curiosity aids learning. Had Not been explored, she would never have discovered about the attractive trees, the blue sky, and also the real-life pain of the death of the cow. 

  • Save Money Like ‘Valli’.
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For a visit on the bus, that cost 30 paise for one way, Valli deliberated and recalculated, planned & saved money so she could afford the trip. Valli teaches to be calculative when it involves money and saving is usually an good idea.

  • With a Little Bit Planning, the Specified Wish Can Come True!

Valli had a burning desire to require a ride on the bus. She not only dreamt about it but also took measures to make it come true. She asked around for the knowledge, collected information, saved money to be able to pay for it, and not only that when the time came she acted on that. Valli teaches to dream & work on the dreams for they’ll come true.

  • Enjoy Along The Path

Valli enjoys her ride back & forth. She is so thrilled not about the destination but about the journey itself. Often after we think about going somewhere or doing something, we are lost within the end destination or result and concentrate too little on how we got there. The important fun lies there, to enjoy the journey, and Valli teaches us just that.

About The Author

The Class 10 English Chapter- “Madam Rides The Bus” is written by writer Vallikkannan. The prose is a sensitive story that revolves around an eight-year-old girl and her first very adventurous bus ride into a latest & different world outside her village. Her journey to the globe teaches her about life and death.

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