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A House Is Not A Home Summary (Class 9) By Pearl “Polly” Adler

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NameA House Is Not A Home
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorPearl “Polly” Adler

Quick Introduction About “A House Is Not a Home”

Chapter 8 of the category Class 9 English Supplementary Reader – Moments, contains of a prose – A House Is Not a Home, based on a real-life incident of the writer when he was young. A fire broke out in his house damaging everything. He had a adorable cat whom he loved very much. Here’s the prose summary of this chapter described in CBSE English Note Class 9 format. CBSE Class 9 children’s can have a glance at the prose summary of A House Is Not a Home here. They can check the CBSE Class 9 English essay Notes– A House Is Not a Home while gearing up for his or her Board exams.

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Short Summary- “A House Is Not a Home”

A House Is Not a Home was an experience sharing a piece of the writer, Zan Gaudioso’s life. He mentioned the difficulties that he faced being a teenager when he switched schools & grew up in a completely new surrounding. The narrator particularly discussed a true incident from his life that had a great impact on him as a young guy. He joined a new school & found it difficult to adjust to the new surrounding. He always felt friendless & isolated in his surroundings. He missed his teachers & friends from his old school & goes to meet them often. His teachers told him to participate in extra-classroom activities in the new school to mingle with new people & make friends.

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One Sunday afternoon, he was doing his highschool homework while sitting at the dining room table in his house. It had been a cold day & his cat was lying on top of all his papers purring occasionally, while his mother was stoking the hearth so as to stay the house warm and cosy. Out of nowhere, he suddenly observed smoke coming in through the seams of the ceiling. In no time, the entire room was filled up with smoke & after seeing that they rushed out of the house & saw the roof was engulfed in huge flames.

The author was panic-stricken & looked dazed as he ran to his neighbourhood to call the fire department. Meanwhile, his mother rushed into the burning house to gather all the main documents & some pictures of his deceased father. The narrator was terrified when he saw his mother risk her life so as to urge her things from inside the house. In the meantime, the fire brigade came & saved his mother and wrapped blankets around her mother. Suddenly, the writer recollected that his pet cat was missing & could not find her around him. He became upset & shed tears on not finding his cat and presume that his pet might have died in the fire.

The writer’s house was completely in debris. It took the firefighters 5 hours to put out the fire completely. So, Zan visited to his grandparents’ house with his mother. He visited school wearing the same clothes he wore the previous day & borrowed shoes and felt awkward. He was upset and felt unconfident for his ill-condition. For a moment, he felt an enormous loss and missed his old friends, school, teachers, old house & his pet cat.

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That day after school hours, he went to his old house and was shocked to see the disaster done by the fire. He saw that whatever hadn’t burned was destructed by the water and chemicals used by the firefighters workers to put out the fire. He had lost everything except the photo albums, documents, and some important personal items that were saved by his mother. Most significantly, he was very sad at the loss of his pet cat as he could do nothing to save her.

Soon, the news of the fireplace spread to his new school and everyone was grief-stricken at his loss. They helped him by giving clothes, notebooks, school supplies, etc. The writer’s heart was touched after seeing the concern of the people of his new school and was overcome by feeling. People who never spoke to him approached him and came forward to help him. Meanwhile, he also made lot’s of new friends and was very happy and relieved that he was no more lonely in his new school.

A month later, Zan went to his old house and was watching it being reconstructed together with his new friends. Suddenly, a woman approached him and brought a cat together with her. The writer was overjoyed seeing his pet and was full of gratitude for the lady for taking the trouble to find the rightful owner of the cat. He held the woman’s arms and shed tears in happiness. His friends also hugged him and his cat and jumped around happily. The writer recollected that it was indeed a best day of his life. He was very grateful for everything – his friends, his life, and therefore the kindness of the lady who brought his cat to him. Thus, he felt that all the overwhelming feelings of loss and tragedy slowly seemed to decrease.

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About The Author

Pearl “Polly” Adler was an American madam and writer, best known for her work in ‘A House Is Not a Home’, which was posthumously adapted into a movie of the same name.

Conclusion- A House Is Not a Home

In this chapter – A House Is Not a Home teaches us that one must be able to face the challenges of life with courage and not get obstructed by the ups and downs of life. People encounter many challenges in life on a day-to-day basis, but they must stand steady and face all hurdles courageously. We hope this CBSE Class 9 English Footprints Without Feet brief Summary of A House Is Not a Home will facilitate you to have a thorough understanding of the chapter. Meanwhile, you can visit to access resources on CBSE Notes and CBSE Study Material & etc. for your Board exams preparation. You can also check our webpage for educational content.

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