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Two Stories About Flying Summary [CBSE Class 10] By Liam OH Hearty

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NameTwo Stories About Flying
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorLiam OH Hearty

Quick Introduction about “Two Stories About Flying”

Chapter 3 of the Class 10 English Supplementary Reader – Footprints Without Feet, contains of a prose – Two Stories About Flying. In the 1st part which is His First Flight author tell us about a bird who overcomes his fear by taking his first flight and whereas, in the 2nd part which is Black Aeroplane author tell us about how a young pilot while gliding an airplane has a narrow escape from death. Here’s the prose summary of this poem described in CBSE English Note Class 10 format. CBSE Class 10 children’s can have a look at the prose summary of Two Stories About Flying here. They can check the CBSE Class 10 English essay Notes –Two Stories About Flying while gearing up for his or her Board exams.

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Short Summary- Two Stories About Flying

Two Stories About Flying includes two stories: “I” is about His First Flight and “II” is about Black Aeroplane.

Two Stories About Flying Part “1” is about His First Flight

A young seagull that was scared to attempt his first flight because he was concerned that his wings wouldn’t support him while flying is the subject of Liam O’Flaherty’s story, “His First Flight.” Despite having lesser wings than him, all of his siblings took the risk to fly boldly in the open air. On the other hand, the juvenile bird’s fear kept him from summoning the bravery to jump. When he attempted to fly, he would flinch and retreat whenever he moved closer to the edge of the cliff. The continuous verbally berating and threats from his parents that he would starve to death on the ledge if he didn’t fly away proved unsuccessful. He would merely see his parents instructing his siblings in wave surfing and fish diving.

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The entire family went to a large plateau one wonderful day to mock the young seagull for his fear. He could feel the heat and was already hungry from the previous night’s darkness as the sun’s rays blazed on his ledge. The baby bird pleaded with his mother to bring him food. When his mother swiftly grabbed a piece of fish and flew up to him, he let out a happy scream. He immediately leaned out and jumped at the fish, his desire driving him insane. He felt himself plummeting downward as he suddenly fell outward in the wide area, and a frightful panic grabbed him. The next instant, he felt his wings begin to extend, and he was able to fly without fear. The little bird eventually made his maiden flight, climbed higher, flew over the water, and split off with his siblings.

Two Stories About Flying Part “2” is about Black Aeroplane Summary

The hero in Fredrik Forsyth’s enigmatic tale “Black Aeroplane” is a pilot. The story’s narrator is a pilot who yearned to see his family in England and have a hearty breakfast with them. In order to visit his family, he had to take a flight from France to England. After passing through Paris, he saw storm clouds that resembled black mountains. However, when he sailed into the clouds, he noticed that everything had turned utterly black all around him. He lost control of the aircraft and could see nothing outside of it.

He suddenly became aware of a nearby aeroplane with no lights on its wings. The pilot of that aircraft signalled for him to follow by waving his hands. Due to the inability to receive his plane’s radio signals and the fact that the fuel tank was low, he blindly followed the other pilot. With the assistance of the other pilot, he soon made it through the gloomy clouds and made a safe runway landing. He wanted to express his gratitude to the other pilot for saving his life, so after landing, he asked the reception who the other pilot was. But the woman in the control room assured him that his aircraft was the only one in the dark sky.

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About the Author

Liam OH Hearty is the author of the first portion, “His First Flight,” and Frederick Forsryth is the author of the second part, “Black Aeroplane.” The readers learn about the juvenile seagull in the first section. The bird is terrified about taking its first flight.

Conclusion- “Two Stories About Flying

In this chapter – Two Stories About Flying teaches Class 10 students that to conquer fear, one needs inner fortitude and determination. Being courageous in the face of adversity enables us to get through difficult conditions in our life. We hope this CBSE Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet brief Summary of Two Stories About Flying will facilitate you to have a thorough understanding of the chapter. Meanwhile, you can visit to access resources on CBSE Notes and CBSE Study Material & etc. for your Board exams preparation. You can also visit our website for a various educational content.

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