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The Fun They Had Summary (CBSE Class 9) By Isaac Asimov

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NameThe Fun They Had
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorIsaac Asimov

‘The Fun They Had’ is that the first lesson of the Class 9 English textbook – Beehive. It’s a brief story about how computers play a crucial role and dominate humans in the future. How traditional schools are going to be replaced by virtual schools and robotic teachers. How do future generation students see traditional school? Do they love virtual classes? Here is the brief summary of ‘The Fun They Had’.

Important Characters

Margie- A 11 year old little female person living in the 22nd century and has a habit of writing diaries. She hates virtual school & her mechanical teacher but is fascinate in knowing the olden era of school. 

Tommy- He is a 13 year old male person & friend of Margie. He loves reading books & brings an old book to Margie’s house.

Mechanical Teacher-  A robotic teacher who was black and have a ugly look. All the teaching & questions are asked by him.

County Inspector- A little man with a red face contains a box of tools, dials & wires. He repaired Margie’s television quickly.

Brief Summary of the Story – The Fun They Had

Isaac Asimov is that the writer of the story ‘The Fun They Had’, who visualizes his views on the long run. The story takes place within the future where books & schools are digitally conducted through virtual classrooms. These classes are taken by a mechanic (robotic) teacher rather than an individual’s class teacher. The story starts with 2 Children- Margie & Tommy. They’re living within the world of the long run where computers control everything. With the arrival of virtual schools, the concept of books and classrooms has undergone a substantial transformation from the old days. 

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On May 17, 2157, Margie wrote in her diary about how Tommy came up with a true book. It’s an old book that contain stories. Margie remembers her grandfather, who once told that when he was teenage, his grandfather accustomed study through printed books. Tommy & Margie were excited and commenced to show the yellow crumpled pages of the book to learn more about the ancient days. They found it hilarious to read the book because the word stood at a place rather of moving around as they saw it on a computer screen. From here, it’s clear that within the future there will be only telebooks & that no paper copies of the books are going to be available. Tommy proclaims that it’s absolutely useless to read a book & threw it away once completed. He feels that their monitor screen has various of books and may store even more without throwing after use.

Soon after they started reading about school within the ancient days, they found that the teachers were actual human beings instead of mechanical (robotic) teachers. Though Margie didn’t like the concept of schools, she was very surprised about the human teachers at the school. Margie & Tommy don’t even know about physical schools as they studied in a virtual classroom that is filled with robots, electronic gadgets, etc. They study their lessons through computer screens that teach all of them the topics like science, math etc. Margie remembers that Margie’s mother once called a County Inspector to repair the computer on which Margie attends the virtual classes. He fixed the large black screen together again on which all the teaching were displayed and questions were asked. But the small girl was so disappointed because the device got fixed sooner. She has to put the homework & test papers through a punch code.

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As they both still to read the book, Margie’s mother calls her to give the classes. Margie give her class in fractions as taught by the mechanical teacher. But, her mind starts thinking about the fun their grandparents had while attending school within the olden days. In the olden days, the school used to be a very special place where all the students of same age studied together. She began to imagine how the children from different areas come together and attend the school happily. Thereby, Margie gets strongly interested in the fun the children had within the ancient time once they went to a real, physical school.

About The Author

Isaac Asimov was a Russian-born American author & professor of biochemistry at Boston University. During his lifetime, Asimov was considered one among the ‘Big Three’ science fiction authors, along with Robert A. Heinlein & Arthur C. Clarke. A prolific author, he wrote and edited more than 500 books.

Conclusion- The Fun They Had

In the chapter – The Fun They’d shows how emerging technology is slowly taking place over various things around us. In the near future, it wouldn’t be surprising to work out if human teachers are replaced by mechanical devices or robots. Here’s a modest attempt from our end to assist students understand the lesson from this CBSE Class 9 English Beehive Prose Summary of The Fun They Had.

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