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The Empire Of Ants Summary-Herbert George Wells

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The Empire Of Ants Summary-Herbert George Wells
NameThe Empire Of Ants Summary
AuthorClaire Bioko


“The Ants” is a short story that follows Captain Gerillo and his crew on a mission to assist the people of Badama in fighting an ant invasion. Along the way, they encounter strange and unsettling behavior from the ants, leading to unexpected consequences.

English Summary-The Empire Of Ants

It was ordered that Captain Gerillo assist the people of Badama in fighting against the ant invasion. The captain thought the authorities were just making fun of him. He was Creole and had only Portuguese concepts of manners and discipline. Just Lancashire, a young ship’s engineer, and Holroyd were in his trust. Hollywood learned the significance of man’s insignificance on this expedition into the remote regions of the Amazon: man is a rare animal that has not made a permanent home on our planet. In England, he used to believe that the earth belonged to man. In England, it truly belonged to man.¬† The entire ship was ruled by a jovial and seductive pagan deity in the shape of a huge wine flask.

Gerillo claims that while ants come to clean up the area and go, man has nothing to do. Strangely, though, these ants had no plans to go. It took man several millennia to go from barbarism to civilization and believe that they are now in charge of the future and the planet. What may prevent ants from going through the same evolutionary process? They have a thought and a language! They noticed a Coubert on the river that had been abandoned and had two bodies on board. On it, ants were also present. They didn’t move like regular insects; instead, they appeared to be conducting a military operation. The larger ones wore some sort of grey robe. The lieutenant, along with two other crew members, was given the go-ahead by the captain to board the coubert√© and inspect it. For a while, the lieutenant resisted, but eventually he conceded. He was bitten by ants on a coubert, who then poisoned their victim before he passed away at night. Gerillo gave the order to burn the Coubert and ants simultaneously.

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When they arrived, all they could see were ants and abandoned buildings. Nobody dared to enter the coast. The captain opted to return for instructions after firing a cannon twice (despite being prohibited from using the cores). The final chapter is a satirical account of new world rulers. They continued in moving forward, taking up more and more territory while driving all of the locals out or killing them. They are multiplying quickly, and Holroyd is certain that eventually they will drive people out of the entire tropical region of South America. They’re not likely to give up on this. And by the middle of the 20th century, the writer’s calculations predict that Europe will be discovered.

About The Author

Herbert George Wells, commonly known as H.G. Wells (1866-1946), was an English writer who is considered to be one of the fathers of science fiction. Born in Kent, England, Wells’ father was a professional cricketer and his mother worked as a domestic servant. Despite his family’s financial struggles, Wells was able to attend university, studying biology and working as a teacher before turning to writing full-time.

Wells’ writing often explored scientific and technological advances and their impact on society, as well as political and social issues such as war, imperialism, and class inequality. His most famous works include “The Time Machine,” “The War of the Worlds,” and “The Invisible Man,” all of which have been adapted into films and other media.


The story offers a satirical critique of unchecked expansionism and its consequences. Through the exploration of man’s insignificance and the unsettling behavior of the ants, the story highlights the potential dangers of assuming dominance over the natural world and the importance of considering the consequences of our actions.

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What is the theme of “The Empire Of Ants”?

The main theme of “The Empire Of Ants” is the danger of underestimating the power and intelligence of seemingly insignificant creatures. The story also explores themes of imperialism, social hierarchy, and the struggle for survival.

What is the message of “The Empire Of Ants”?

The message of “The Empire Of Ants” is that all creatures, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem, have their own unique strengths and abilities. The story serves as a warning against underestimating the power and intelligence of other beings, and the importance of respecting all forms of life.

What is the significance of the title “The Empire Of Ants”?

The title “The Empire Of Ants” refers to the ant colony that the protagonist of the story discovers. It is significant because it highlights the complex and hierarchical society that the ants have created, as well as their ambition to dominate the world.

Is “The Empire Of Ants” a science fiction story?

Yes, “The Empire Of Ants” is considered a science fiction story because it explores the idea of intelligent and organized ant society that is able to threaten human civilization.

What is “The Empire Of Ants” Short Summary?

“The Empire Of Ants” is a story by H.G. Wells that was first published in 1905. The story is about a man who stumbles upon an ant colony and becomes fascinated by their behavior. He observes their social hierarchy and learns about their complex society. However, he soon discovers that the ants have a sinister plan to take over the world and enslave humanity.

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