Mother Day Summary (CBSE Class 11) By J. B. PriestleyWhat is “Mother’s Day” by J. B. Priestley

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Mother Day Summary CBSE Class 11 By J B Priestley
Name Mother Day
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorJ. B. Priestley

Short Summary – Mother Day

The story of a mother named Mrs. Pearson is described in the chapter. Her children regularly treat her with rudeness and disregard. She was treated like a slave even in her own house. She consequently experienced daily ignorance and humiliation from her son Cyril and daughter Doris as well as from her husband George Pearson, who had completely turned a blind eye to his wife.

When Mrs. Pearson meets Mrs. Fitzgerald, a fortune teller, and talks about her family and their bad behaviour, her life takes a turn. She reveals every detail of her family’s behaviour to Mrs. Fitzgerald. Additionally, Mrs. Fitzgerald, who has a powerful and evil personality, suggests that she swap personalities. In order to impart a useful lesson on her family. Mrs. Pearson initially objected, but after some pushing, she decided to trade bodies.

Later that, Mrs. Fitzgerald uses magic to switch personalities with Mrs. Pearson. They instantly change personalities, and Mrs. Pearson, who was previously cool and collected, starts smoking and drinking. And now Mrs. Fitzgerald is doing nothing.

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Mrs. Pearson is now inside her house as the scene shifts, and Doris comes inside. Given that she has a date with her boyfriend Charlie Spence, she provides the woman a dress and asks her to iron it. She even takes issue with her mother’s smoking. Mrs. Pearson responds angrily when she requests and suggests that she complete her job on her own. She also jokes around with her beau. After her mother taunts and corrects her, Doris feels unhappy and ashamed and breaks down in tears.

After that, her son Cyril comes in and quickly inquires as to whether his tea is ready. Mrs. Pearson declines and suggests he make it himself. He raises his voice when he notices her mother’s expression and her sister’s tears. Additionally, he refers to Mrs. Fitzgerald as an “old hag,” to which Mrs. Pearson advises him to watch his words.

when children complain of being tired after school. She is very clear in telling them both that starting on that day, everyone will work equally. Additionally, she will spend the weekends with her buddies rather than working.

When Mr. Pearson arrives home at that point, he expresses amazement at seeing her wife smoking and drinking. He protests to Mrs. Pearson convincing him that she can drink just as much as he can. Furthermore, he tells him that he is spending time with people who are making fun of him behind his back rather than with her wife.

When Mrs. Pearson witnesses Mrs. Fitzgerald insulting her family, she requests her to stop. She doesn’t allow her to speak, though, until she imparts to them all a valuable lesson about honouring and loving their mothers. They quickly flip personalities once more. The son, daughter, and husband then start helping their mother and wife after learning their lesson.

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About The Author

Summary of Mother’s Day: J. B. Priestley wrote the drama Mother’s Day. It is a satirical and hilarious portrayal of the position of women, particularly housewives, in families.


It is a satirical and entertaining portrayal of the position of women, particularly housewives, in families. Furthermore, despite spending all of her time serving her family, a housewife finds that her loved ones never pay attention to her needs or value her service.

FAQs on Mother’s day summary

What is “Mother’s Day” by J. B. Priestley about?

“Mother’s Day” is a short story by J. B. Priestley. It is about a family’s celebration of Mother’s Day and the reflections of each family member on their relationship with their mother.

Who are the characters in “Mother’s Day”?

The characters in “Mother’s Day” include the mother, the father, their two grown-up children, and their spouses.

What is the theme of “Mother’s Day”?

The theme of “Mother’s Day” is the complexity of family relationships and the different ways that people view and understand their mothers. The story explores the different perspectives and memories of the family members, and how they are shaped by their experiences and emotions.

What is the significance of Mother’s Day in the story?

Mother’s Day serves as a catalyst for the family members to reflect on their relationships with their mother and to express their feelings and emotions. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of motherhood and the role of mothers in shaping the lives of their children.

How does the story end?

What is the style of writing used by J. B. Priestley in this story?

J. B. Priestley’s style of writing in this story is reflective, introspective, and contemplative. The story is written in a first-person point of view, and the characters often reflect on their emotions and feelings, and their experiences and memories.

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