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Evans Tries An O Level Summary [CBSE Class 12] By Colin Dexter

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NameEvans Tries An O Level
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorColin Dexter

Evans Tries An O Level is a brief story within the Vistas English book of class 12. It is, at first, a slow story, but in time, it moves at a quick pace and keeps the reader’s attention intact. A very brief summary of Evan Tries An O Level would be that it’s a story of cunning and smarts and is a very fun read. Let’s come in a more detailed summary of Evans Tries O Level.

About The Author

Colin Dexter, the writer of Evans Tries an O-level employs the red herring technique of intentionally misleading readers by placing false clues to stay the plot enigmatic.

Summary of ‘Evans Tries An O Level’

Here is a summary of Evans Tries An O Level, a brief story by Colin Dexter. The story begins with a telephone conversation between the Governor of Oxford Prison and also the Secretary of the Examinations Board about conducting an O-Level German qualification test within the jail for an inmate named James Rodrick Evans. This inmate was commonly called as Evans the Break because he had successfully broken out of prison thrice before, regardless of how high level of security the prison was. He had been taking O-Level German classes nightly for the last seven months, but he wasn’t nearly as good as he should’ve been, so his passing was a doubt. Nevertheless, the exam was founded for Evans for 9:15 am the next morning, with the condition that the Governor himself would listen in and an offical be placed outside the cell to stay an eye fixed.

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At 8:30 am the following day, a senior prison officer Mr. Jackson & Officer Stephens came to check up on, place two tables within the room and confiscate any items of Evans’ that had the potential to show into weapons – like his shaving razor blade. Upon asking Evans to get rid of the hat he was wearing, he responded that it had been what brought him luck so nobody could copulate. He was granted permission to stay the hat on.

While Evans prepared itself, his invigilator Reverend Stuart McLeery made his way into the prison compound & to Evan’s cell. The Governor was worried that whether or not Evans didn’t have potential weapons, the Reverend may have brought something that would be. Thus Evans briefcase was searched. In briefcase their was some exam papers, Bible papers, a paper knife and around the inflatable tube which he lay claim to was for his hemorrhoids which was left at that.

By 9:20 am, Evans had Officer Stephens off from the cell because his incessant glaring made him uncomfortable writing his exam.

The Governor’s phone rang some times. First, it absolutely was the Examinations Board, with what gave the impression to be a correction within the question paper, and therefore the second was from the Magistrates Court, in need of a jail van and officers.

During the exam, Evans placed on a blanket, citing the cold. He hadn’t written much during the exam, even an hour and quarter-hour into it.

When last exam got over Stephens asked the Reverend how Evans fared. The Reverend responded in an exceedingly different accent than before. After leaving him at the jail gates, he went back to require another study Evans before heading for a break. To his surprise, a bleeding man below a blanket laid within the cell. It clothed to be the real Reverend. He guided the detective who had came on the scene with directions to Elsfields Way, where he thought the prisoner may have headed. It seemed that in spite of the heavy bleeding, the Reverend was absolute fine. Because it seems the blood was pig’s blood, which came within the hemorrhoid tube. Similarly, the jail van had been entailed for by Evans’ associates for him to get away.

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At the jail, all hell had broken loose with all senior officials screaming at Stephens & Jackson.

From Elsfields Way, the investigator headed to Newbury as per the directions of the Reverend.

Recalling this, Evans wind-up at a hotel for the night. However, the Governor found him due to the correction slip made by the ‘Examinations Board’. The Governor converse with him about how he pulled it off, and at last put him in a jail van to be taken back to jail. The motive force of this van was however another comrade of Evans’.


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