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The Happy Prince Summary (CBSE Class 9) By Oscar Wilde

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The Happy Prince Summary CBSE Class 9 By Oscar Wilde
Name The Happy Prince
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorOscar Wilde

Short Summary – The Happy Prince

The happy prince summary by Oscar Wilde is the topic of this essay. It briefly explains the happy prince summary. It provides details on a Prince who led a contented life since he would never allow sadness to enter his kingdom. He enjoyed both his life and his death. But after his passing, he was kept as a statue that stood on a pedestal. The entire town was gathered there, as he could see.

He earned the respect of every spectator. The municipal council members were also among them. The statue had eyes made of sapphires and was coated in gold leaf. In addition, his sword’s hilt included a ruby. They aimed to promote artistic preferences. This demonstrated their hunger for unreal fame and attractiveness.

A swallow then flies over the city while travelling to Egypt. He was late after falling in love with Reed and was charmed by her gracefulness and slim waist. The Swallow eventually stopped to rest under the monument of the Happy Prince when Reed refused to proceed with him.

This illustrated the swallows’ desire for artificial beauty. He was also egotistical in that he sacrificed his relationship to pursue his goals.

Swallow was travelling when he stopped to rest beneath the Happy Prince statue.When the Swallow learned that the Happy Prince had been mourning, she was astonished. They were each given a brief introduction. He was ignorant of the suffering in his city, thus it was full of merely surface pleasures.

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The fact that the Statue is not made of pure gold surprises the Swallow. But after expressing sympathy for a seamstress embroidering passion flowers on a lady in waiting’s satin dress, he decides to assist the Happy Prince. She couldn’t take care of her sick son because she lived in a poor home. As a result, the Swallow consents to give that woman the ruby that is hanging from the Prince’s sword hilt.

This illustrates how kind the swallow in the happy prince summary was. He recognized true delight in assisting the less fortunate.

The Swallow approaches to deliver the ruby and observes “ancient Jews haggling with each other.” The Swallow returns after giving the ruby, saying that his deed made him feel “very warm” despite the cold. He was nevertheless prepared to travel to Egypt. He tells the Happy Prince about the wonders that await him there.

The Prince begs him to stay so that he might assist a young writer who is shivering in his garret. The man has grown too cold to continue the play for the theatre director. Finally, the Swallow consents to stay an additional night and removes one of the Prince’s sapphire eyes before giving it to the youngster.

Swallow enjoyed giving to those in need. Moreover, this episode in a happy prince summary demonstrated Prince’s compassion and selfless concern for those who suffer from injustice and corruption.

To send the Happy Prince farewell, the Swallow reappears once more. The Prince asks him to give the little match-girl who has lost her matches his other sapphire eye instead.

The Swallow accepts his proposal. He also makes a commitment to always be by the Prince’s side because he cannot leave him blind and alone. Swallow & Prince both demonstrated admirable deeds of sacrifice.

As the Prince was then blind, the swallow comforted him by telling him stories of fantasy. However, the Prince believes that more people should have been aware that reality (injustice and inequity) was more valuable.

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The swallow, which flies over the city, reports that the wealthy are having a good time while the poor are hungry at their gates. Young lads were seen attempting to warm themselves beneath a bridge while a passing Watchman attempted to evict them.

The Prince wants to share the wonderful gold leaf that is gilding him after hearing these stories in order to reduce some of the unhappiness. The Swallow accepts their request and gives the kids sheets of gold leaf.

The children’s features brightened while the Prince’s became drab and grey. Cold caused Swallow’s death. He was degraded and dumped in the trash along with Prince’s broken heart after Swallow’s passing. People do not recognize their value. They were regarded as the most gorgeous of all of God’s creations.

About The Author

The first edition of this story by Oscar Wilde appeared in May 1888. The summary of The Happy Prince sheds light on a society that is rife with inequity and injustice. In addition, superficial beauty, a life of luxury, and escape are valued by society. Additionally, they don’t care about one another.


The Swallow makes a second appearance to wish the Happy Prince farewell. The Prince asks him to give the little match-girl who has lost her matches his other sapphire eye instead. The Swallow accepts his suggestion. He also makes a promise to always be by the Prince’s side because he cannot leave him blind and alone.

FAQs on The Happy Prince summary

What is “The Happy Prince” about?

“The Happy Prince” is a short story written by Oscar Wilde. The story is about a statue of a happy prince, who watches over the city below and sees the suffering of its inhabitants. The statue is stripped of its gold leaf and jewels by a swallow, who takes them to the poor and the sick, at the command of the Happy Prince. In the end, the swallow dies from the cold, and the statue is melted down and the metal is used to make a new statue of the Happy Prince, and the swallow’s heart is placed in it, symbolizing the love and compassion of the Happy Prince.

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Who is the main character in “The Happy Prince”?

The main character in “The Happy Prince” is a statue of a happy prince, who watches over the city and its inhabitants. The statue is made of gold and jewels and is adorned with a red enamel heart.

What is the theme of “The Happy Prince”?

The theme of “The Happy Prince” is the power of compassion and selfless love. The story shows how the Happy Prince, who is initially only concerned with his own beauty and happiness, learns to care for the poor and the suffering through the sacrifice of the swallow.

What is the significance of the swallow in the story?

The swallow in the story symbolizes selflessness and sacrifice. The swallow follows the Happy Prince’s command to take the gold leaf and jewels to the poor and the sick, even though it means leaving its own migration and ultimately dying from the cold. The swallow’s sacrifice is what ultimately allows the Happy Prince to understand the true meaning of love and compassion.

How does the story end?

The story ends with the statue of the Happy Prince being melted down and the metal used to make a new statue. The swallow’s heart is placed in the new statue, symbolizing the love and compassion of the Happy Prince.

What is the moral of the story?

The moral of the story is that true beauty and happiness come from caring for others, and that love and compassion are the most valuable treasures of all. The story teaches that true love is selfless and requires sacrifice.

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