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Journey To The End Of The Earth Summary (CLASS 12) By Tishani Joshi

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NameJourney To The End Of The Earth
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorTishani Joshi

Summary – Journey To The End Of The Earth

The author is travelling in a Russian ship at the start of the narrative. The destination was Antarctica. We learn that the author has travelled for around 100 hours by vehicle, plane, and ship. The primary goal of this journey is to gain a thorough understanding of Antarctica. We also discovered more about her two-week stay there and everything that was there. Without any plants, structures, or anything else, the area contains 90% of the earth’s total volume of ice. It has southern summer light all the time. It is also shrouded in silence.

The author begins to speculate about the time when Antarctica and India were both parts of the same landmass. Gondwana, a southern supercontinent, is something we learn about. Six hundred fifty million years ago, it was there. Our knowledge of the past reveals that the temperature was significantly warmer and supported a great variety of flora and wildlife.

All of this occurred before the appearance of humans. Gondwana also thrived for 500 million years. As a result, the landmass divided into the nations that exist today after the extinction of the dinosaurs. Additionally, we discover the truth regarding climate change. Similar to this, the author thinks a trip to Antarctica is necessary to thoroughly research the impact.

The ecosystem of Antarctica’s lack of biodiversity is then discussed. Furthermore, if you want to see the effects a small action can have on the environment, this is the spot to watch. The lifestyles of local residents, including birds and marine animals, would be affected if the ozone layer continues to thin at the current rate. Additionally, it will have an effect on the world’s carbon cycle.

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We gain understanding of the causes of climate change, such as the burning of fossil fuels and others. All of this is destroying Antarctica, which might put human life in great danger. Additionally, we discover more about it by looking at samples of phytoplankton. The author then sees some seals sunning on ice, and the story comes to a close. She wonders if the future would be disastrous or if this beauty will be saved for later years.

About The Author

Tishani Joshi is the writer. The Russian Vehicle starts the trip to Antarctica. Leading it was Geoff Green. Furthermore, Geoff Green is the one who is enthusiastic about organizing field trips for the students.

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