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The address Summary (CBSE Class 11) By Marga Minco

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NameThe address Summary
AuthorMarga Minco


You can easily learn more about Margo Minco’s story Address by reading the summary. It provides a description of the chaos that follows a battle. We can observe the effects on people’s behaviour. You are able to empathise with the suffering, sadness, and mental anguish experienced by war survivors. It tells the tale of the author, a Jew who after the war relocates back to her hometown. She loses her mother after enduring several losses. Also, it deals with how she manages the world on her own after enduring such suffering. We also discover the world’s inhumanity to the oppressed. After experiencing further oppression, she learns a difficult lesson. She gives everything up after realising that nothing is preserved in worldly things. As a result, it demonstrates human suffering and self-actualization.

English Summary-The address

The Address starts off with a war victim returning to her native place. The story centres on a girl who visits her home in Holland. After the war, she travels there to look for her mother’s stuff. She is not welcomed with open arms when she returns to her native place. She travels to the address she is carrying. It is the 46th house on Marconi Street. The door is opened by a woman who ignores the girl on the door. The author observes the lady wearing her mother’s green knit sweater. She was further convinced that she was where she needed to be as a result. The woman didn’t dispute that she didn’t know her mother, though.

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Despite the author’s protests, the woman shut the door on her and refused to entertain her. When the author started thinking about the past, she was travelling back in time. Years ago, she learned the address from her mother. She discovers many items missing when she gets back to her house after the war. Her mother then provides her with Mrs. Dorling’s address. She discovers that Mrs. Dorling is her mother’s longtime acquaintance. Her mother gave Mrs. Dorling the responsibility of looking after all of their priceless possessions as a result. Hence, many years later, the author considers returning to collect their belongings. As a result, after being requested to leave by Mrs. Dorling on her initial visit, she returns once again. During her second visit, the 15-year-old opens the door.

We found out that the mother wasn’t home. She was informed by the author of her desire to meet her mother. The girl brings her inside. The author is surprised to see the room stuffed with things her mother owned. Although the space seemed different, everything in it was quite familiar. She began to feel so uncomfortable that she no longer desired to own her mother’s possessions. She thinks about forgetting the address and giving all hope of ever getting those things back as a result.

About The Author

Marga Minco is a Dutch writer who was born on March 31, 1920, in the city of Ginneken in the Netherlands. She is best known for her literary works on the Second World War and its impact on Dutch society, particularly on the Jewish community.

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In conclusion, The Address Synopsis teaches us about the complex human feelings of trust, hope, and betrayal as well as the negative impacts of war.

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