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The Little Girl Summary (CBSE Class 9) By Katherine Mansfield

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The Little Girl Summary (CBSE Class 9) By Katherine Mansfield
Name The Little Girl
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorKatherine Mansfield

Short Summary – The Little Girl

Kezia was the name of the young girl who appeared in the story. Her grandma, mother, and father all share a home with her. She also constantly made an effort to avoid his father because of her fear of him. Seeing his father head out for work also gives her comfort.

She stammers in front of her father because she is so frightened of him since she perceives him as being harsh, critical, and cruel. Her grandmother also wanted her to know her parents more. She would advise her to meet her parents in the drawing room for a conversation because of this. She still feels that they are distant from her.

So one wonderful day Kezia’s grandmother gave her the advice to make her father a pin cushion for his birthday.

Kezia then sews the pincushion casing’s three sides together. After that, though, she needs to stuff the cushion. She enters her mother’s room 6, and finds numerous sheets of beautiful paper on the bedside table.

She then filled the pin cushion after tearing the paper into little bits, and stitched up the fourth side. She is unaware that the documents include her father’s crucial speech to the Port Authority. Despite admitting her error, she makes an effort to justify her behaviour.

However, her father was too furious to hear her out and instead hit her in the hand with a ruler as punishment. Even after admitting her fault, she was punished, but she was unable to understand why. She uttered those awful words: “What did God create father for?”

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Most importantly, she once witnessed Mr. McDonalds having fun and laughing with her five children while playing with them one evening. Kezia was convinced by her experience that no two fathers are the same. She came to the conclusion that some fathers are kind and considerate like Mr. McDonald, while others are strict like her father.

Her perspective on her father, though, shifted. Her grandmother goes with her when her mother needs to be hospitalised at some point. Kezia and the cook were the only two people in the house. The day went smoothly, but all changed at night. She had a terrifying nightmare and woke up in the middle of the night screaming and crying. Kezia’s father was standing next to her when she first opened her eyes. She was brought to her father’s bedroom, where he made her cozy and warm on his bed. Her father also instructed her to warm her feet by rubbing them against his legs. She feels protected and at ease while spending the night with him.

She then understood that her father was not a horrible man. He also shows her love and care in his own special way. In addition, he had a full day at work to support his family and was too exhausted in the evening to play with her.

About The Author

Additionally, the bond between parents and their children is the story’s central focus. The author Katherine Mansfield also wants to convey to us the strong emotional connection that exists between children and their parents.

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The Little Girl shows us the importance of having a loving and supportive relationship between parents and kids for preserving the family’s connection and link. Instead of criticizing others, we should attempt to understand one another.

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