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Fire and Ice Summary (CBSE Class 10) By Robert Frost

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Fire and Ice Summary CBSE Class 10 By Robert Frost
NameFire and Ice
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorRobert Frost

Short Summary – Fire and Ice

The poet is confident that humanity will eventually end. He is discussing the two opposing viewpoints on how this planet will end. These are based on common sayings from the people. The poet states that he agrees with those who believe that this world will end in flames. This is so that he can better understand the impact that uncontrolled and endless desires have on human life. He discovers that the nature of human evil passions is similar to that of fire. Thus, this fire might end up being a major factor in the destruction of both humanity and the planet.

The second theory in this regard, on the other hand, claims that ice alone is sufficient to end this world. Here, the poet draws a comparison between the properties of ice and human hatred of other humans. Hatred can numb our brain in the same way that prolonged contact with ice might. As a result, it may lead us to become cold and ruthless. Compared to the desire, such harshness toward humanity will be far more to blame for the end of the planet.

The speaker places all of us in the middle of a conflict between two groups of individuals. There are those who believe that all things will burn to a crisp and those who believe that all things will end when the world freezes. Poet might well be speaking about the world literally coming to an end. He also discusses how capable humans are of completely destroying one another.

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The poet feels the desire for love and lust that he has placed in him as a passion. These are likely powerful enough to burn the earth into a massive firestorm. He has, however, also seen the other side. This has to do with icier feelings like hate, which are extremely harmful. It is a known fact that although hate is the mute killer, love receives all the spotlight. Although it might not have the same impact as the fireball finale, it will still function.

About The Author

Robert Frost is its writer. He offers two opposing viewpoints on the end of the earth and humanity. He talks about these two situations as the potential causes of the end of the planet. One such scenario is the end of the world in conflagration.


The poem, which has two different formats, focuses on the concept that negative feelings are harmful.

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