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Tiger In The Zoo Summary (CBSE CLASS 10) By Leslie Norris

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Tiger In The Zoo Summary (CBSE CLASS 10) By Leslie Norris
NameTiger In The Zoo
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorLeslie Norris

Summary – Tiger In The Zoo

The tiger at the zoo is shown in this poem in a miserable condition. It demonstrates the tiger’s miserable living conditions in a cage. The tiger in a zoo moves around in the cage’s restricted space. He has some motion. On his body, there are stripes that are clear to see. His paws have a velvet-like softness. While walking on his “pads of velvet,” he makes no noise. Typically, the tiger is angry and silent.

As the tiger’s native home is not a cage, the poet believes that it should not be kept there. The caged tiger is a victim of human cruelty as a result. Tigers are typically seen resting under bushes or in long grass close to water sources. So that the tiger may see its prey, such as deer coming to drink water there, and thereafter be able to kill them by sliding softly over the grass. The tiger belongs in the forest, not in a cage, the poet is trying to convey to all of humanity.

The poet also suggested that the tiger should be resting close to the village, at the edge of the jungle. It might scare onlookers there by baring its claws, flashing its razor-sharp teeth, and roaring in fury.

Due to the unfavourable circumstances surrounding the tiger’s confinement in a concrete cell, the poet feels a tremendous deal of pity. Due to the solid bars that are attached to the concrete jail, Tiger is unable to escape. The power of the tiger is therefore restrained by the bars. The tiger is uninterested in the visitors as a result of all these factors. He continues to stalk in the small limits of the cage.

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The poet wants people to understand that there is a tiger in a cage, feeling uncomfortable and restless. Tiger is still not responding to the sound made by the zoo authorities’ patrol cars. He is shown by the poet staring into the stars with his sparkling eyes. The poet is bringing up a moral issue here, and he wants to make a convincing argument against human cruelty toward caged animals.

About The Author

Leslie Norris is the author of the poem. The poem is about a very attractive tiger who is walking around in his tiny cage. He has silky, velvet-like paws and lovely stripes on his skin. But within the cage, he is not happy and is very furious.

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