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Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Summary (CBSE Class 12) By Adrienne Rich

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Aunt Jennifer's Tigers Summary CBSE Class 12
Poem Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers
Class 12
Board CBSE
AuthorAdrienne Rich


A woman uses her art to express her deep emotions in the poem. Aunt Jennifer is a victim of a society that is dominated by men. Additionally, she has no one with whom to discuss her physical pain. She then creates a picture to express her intense emotions.

English Summary – “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers”

The poet refers to the woman in this poem as “Aunt Jennifer.” Additionally, the poet mentions that she is embroidering on a piece of fabric, possibly a wall hanging or tablecloth. Additionally, she has succeeded with stunning tigers who are savagely dashing through the lush jungle. She also compares their beauty to that of a topaz. They are as brightly yellow as the forest’s green surroundings. They are unaffected by the company of men because they lack fear. The difference in behaviour between the aunt and the tigers is now obvious. She may have created a fearsome tiger, but she is terrified of her husband. The poet claims that tigers are the proud and fearless inhabitants of the forests. These animals are exceedingly sparkling and attractive.

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This paragraph describes Aunt Jennifer’s fear of her husband. She claims that her fingers tremble as she embroiders because she is afraid of her hubby. Because her husband disapproves of her stitching pastime. She trembles as a result as she embroiders the fabric. She also finds it challenging to move the needle up and down. She then describes the wedding ring that her spouse presented to her on their wedding day. She also considers wearing this ring to be somewhat of a burden.

She believes this because her spouse torments her so severely that the wedding ring is perceived by her as a burden rather than a lovely present from her husband. She describes the tiny wedding ring as a weighty ring on her shaking fingers due to the numerous challenges she has had in her marriage. Additionally, it indicates that the ring has some negative associations with the pain she has through. This event also connects to her husband’s abusive behaviour.

In the final section, the poet claims that, despite Aunt’s depiction of tigers, it is still simple to recognize her desire for freedom and bravery. The poet claims that she will never be able to experience this independence in her lifetime. She won’t become free till she dies. The irony in this situation is that she will still be bound by wires that represent her husband’s wedding ring. The only actual proof of the suffering she experienced at her husband’s hands is this ring. On the other hand, Aunt Jennifer’s tigers will always represent her desire to live a fearless life by jumping loudly and fearlessly onto a piece of fabric.

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About The Author

Name of the poet: Adrienne Rich

Adrienne Rich was born on May 16, 1929 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

He passed away on March 27, 2012, in Santa Cruz, California, USA

Conclusion – “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers”

The overview of Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers demonstrates what it’s like to live as a married woman under control, which includes constant anxiety and limitations. Her wedding ring is mentioned at the poem’s conclusion, demonstrating her bond with her husband. The poet states that she will still be wearing the ring when she dies, making it impossible for her to escape this suffocating bond during her lifespan. She would not pass away happily; rather, she would pass away burdened by the challenges she faced as a married woman.

FAQs on “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers”

What is “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” by Adrienne Rich about?

“Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” is a poem by Adrienne Rich that explores the theme of oppression and the power of art. The poem is about a woman named Aunt Jennifer who creates a tapestry of tigers as a form of escape from her oppressive reality.

Who is Aunt Jennifer in the poem “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers”?

Aunt Jennifer is the main character in the poem. She is a woman who is oppressed by her husband and creates a tapestry of tigers as a form of escape from her reality.

What is the tone of the poem”Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers”?

The tone of the poem is melancholic and melancholic. The poem describes Aunt Jennifer’s oppressive reality and her use of art as a form of escape, as well as her fear of her husband’s power.

Why was the poem “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” written?

The poem “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” was written by Adrienne Rich to explore the theme of oppression and the power of art. It is a commentary on the realities of women’s lives and the ways in which they can use art to escape and empower themselves.

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