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The Black Aeroplane Summary (CBSE Class 10) By Fredrik Forsyth

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The Black Aeroplane Summary (CBSE Class 10) By Fredrik Forsyth
NameThe Black Aeroplane
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorFredrik Forsyth

Short Summary – The Black Aeroplane

In this story, a character who is under pressure is psychologically analysed. The story of the narrator’s encounter with the pilot of a black aeroplane who saves him from danger is an interesting one. The mystery revolves around the pilot of the black plane.

At ten o’clock at night, a pilot was flying a vintage Dakota aeroplane. There were no clouds in the sky, only the stars. The plane was returning to England while flying over France in a clear sky. The pilot seemed quite pleased. He was engaged in daydreams about his vacation and his family. He called the Paris Control Room at 1:30 a.m. to find out the location and path. He was told by the Control Room to turn twelve degrees west. The pilot rotated the plane twelve degrees west toward England after consulting his map and compass. He then switched to his second and last fuel tank. He overjoyed having breakfast with his family.

The pilot noticed the black storm clouds moving toward the aircraft when Paris was 150 miles behind. He was unable to fly above them. Additionally, he lacked the fuel to fly south or north around them. He initially considered returning to Paris, but his great desire to see his family drove him right into the eye of the storm. In the clouds, it was pitch black. In the air, the aircraft was bouncing and twisting. All of the instruments were no longer functional. The pilot’s compass and radio stopped working, and he lost communication with the ground crew.

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All of a sudden, he noticed another aeroplane very close by. There weren’t any lights on the wings of the unusual, dark aeroplane. He was instructed to follow the black aeroplane’s pilot. For thirty minutes, the pilot flew in the clouds. He only had enough fuel for a fifteen-minute flight. The pilot felt anxious. The dark plane suddenly began to descend, and the pilot followed. Finally, the black aircraft directed him to a landing strip. The pilot was overjoyed to see the runway, but when he turned to give the black plane’s pilot a thank-you, he was unable to find him anywhere.

The pilot quickly raced to the control centre after landing to ask about the black aircraft that had led him to the airport. He was informed that no other plane was seen flying that night by the woman working at the control centre. On the radar, she had only spotted his plane. The pilot was taken aback to hear all of this and kept wondering how he had managed to land safely without a compass, radio, or additional fuel in his tank. He couldn’t stop thinking about that unusual, black plane and also its mysterious pilot.

About The Author

The most fascinating response to the second question comes from Fredrik Forsyth’s lesson “The Black Aeroplane II” in “F 3: Two Stories About Flying.” Regarding the author: Born in England on August 25, 1938, Frederick Forsyth is a novelist, journalist, former spie, and infrequent political analyst.

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