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Weathering The Storm in Ersama Question Answer [Class 9 English NCERT Solutions]

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NameWeathering The Storm in Ersama
TypeQuestion Answer
AuthorHarsh Mander
Weathering The Storm in Ersama Question Answer

Weathering The Storm in Ersama Question Answer

Q1: What havoc has the super cyclone wrecked in the life of the people of Orrisa?

Ans: The super cyclone destroyed everything in Orissa and the majority of the houses had been blown away. Muddy water was everywhere. Many people lost their lives.

Q2: How was Prashant, a teenager been able to help the people of his village?

Ans: Prashant, who was just nineteen years old, decided to lead the people of his village. He organized a group of youths and elders to jointly pressurize the merchant once again to part with his rice. This task was done successfully. For the first time in four days, the survivors at the cyclone shelter were able to fill their bellies. Then he organized a team of youth volunteers and cleaned the shelter of filth, urine, vomit and floating carcasses, and tended to the wounds and fractures of the people who had been injured by the cyclone.

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He brought the children who were orphaned together and put up a polythene sheet shelter fro them.

Q3: How have the people of the community helped one another? What role do the women of Kalikuda play during these days?

Ans: Prashant took the initiative & mobilised everyone to help one another . People of the community joined hands together & started relief work. Women started working in the food for work programme & looked after the orphans.

Q4: Why do Prashant and other volunteers resist the plan to set up institutions for orphans & widows? What alternatives do they consider?

Ans: They felt that it would not be proper to set up seperate institution for orphans & widows, because the children would grow up without family love & widow would suffer from stigma & loneliness. Instead Prashant and his gropu suggested that the children & widows would be resettled in their own community where they can get a homely environment.

Q5: Do you think Prashant is a good leader? Do you think young people can get together to help people during natural calamities?

Ans: Yes, Prashant is a good leader. He has a special quality of taking initiatives. His vision is quite clear. He faces adverse circumstances courageously. He is a source of energy. I think that youth is the power & young people perform their duty with full spirit.

State whether the following statements are True or False:

  1. The block headquarters of Erasma, were at the distance of 18 kms from Prashant’s village. ✔
  2. Scream rent the air as people and houses were swiftly washed away. ✔
  3. Only fractured cement houses still stood in a few places. ✔
  4. Two coconut fruit had fallen on the roof of their house. ❌
  5. They froze in the cold and incessant rain. ✔
  6. Two days later, the rain ceased and the rain water began to swell. ❌
  7. Prashant constantly had to use his stick to locate the road. ✔
  8. Prashant and two friends of his uncle decided to move ahead together. ✔
  9. In every village that they passed, they could see only about a dozen houses standing. ❌
  10. Prashant was sure that his family could not have survived this catastrophe. ✔
  11. In his village only his house was standing intact. ❌
  12. Among the first people he saw in the crowd was his maternal grandfather. ❌
  13. All the ninety-six house had been washed away. ✔
  14. Prashant, all of nineteen years, decided to step in as leader of his village. ✔
  15. Branches from fallen trees were gathered to light a reluctant and slow fire. ✔
  16. Prashant found that a large number of women had been orphaned. ❌
  17. Prashant himself loved to play cricket. ✔
  18. It was felt that in such institutions, children would grow up without love. ✔
  19. It is six years after the devastation of the super cyclone. ❌
  20. Children’s youthful faces are what Prashant seeks most. ❌

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