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Reach For The Top Summary (Class 9) By Santosh Yadav

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Reach For The Top Summary (Class 9) By Santosh Yadav
NameReach for the Top
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorSantosh Yadav

Short Summary – Reach for the Top

Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova are the focus of different parts of the book Reach for the Top. Santosh opens the first section. Santosh was the only woman in history to climb Mount Everest twice when this narrative was written. She was born into a culture that viewed girls as a burden at the beginning of the essay. She is shown to be from Haryana, where she breaks social norms to just be herself.

She experienced gender discrimination from a young age and made the decision to create her own path. She travelled to Delhi to apply for admission and paid for her schooling on her own by taking on part-time jobs. After that, she moved into a hostel in Jaipur, where her life began to change. There was no turning back once she joined a mountaineering adventure. She put a lot of effort into getting it and did well in the professional course she took.

She then scaled Mount Everest in 1992 at the age of 20. She did it at an early age and even used her oxygen to help another climber. She made India proud by making history, and the Indian government honoured her with the Padma Shri award. Part II begins, which focuses on the well-known tennis player Maria Sharapova. We learn about her tennis career and how she climbed to the top. She put a lot of effort, dedication, and sacrifice towards becoming a good tennis player.

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Her life’s inside story reveals that she began her journey to the top of the tennis world at a young age. She is from Siberia, Russia, and only moved away from home when she was 9 years old to start her training for her ambition. At age 9, she was forced to leave her mother and travel to Florida with her father. Her father put in a lot of effort to pay for her instruction and even experienced bullying since he was a foreigner. Her interests in singing, dancing, and fashion are shown. Finally, we discover that although money does play a significant role, she always had the goal of topping the list.

About The Author

Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova’s life are documented in the biographical novel Reach for the Top. It honours the achievements of these two powerful women who overcame adversity to succeed.


In conclusion, the Reach for the Top summary teaches us that if we put our minds to something, determination, hard work, and devotion will always pay off.

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