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Jimmy Valentine Question Answer & MCQ 2023 [Class 11-WB Board]

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Jimmy Valentine Question Answer
NameJimmy Valentine
BoardWB Board
AuthorO Henry

Jimmy Valentine Summary

“Jimmy Valentine” is a short story written by O. Henry. The story centers around Jimmy Valentine, a professional safecracker who is eventually caught and sent to prison. After serving his sentence, Jimmy decides to leave his criminal past behind and start a new life under a new identity. He moves to a small town and becomes a successful and respected businessman. However, his past catches up with him when a former associate comes looking for him and threatens to reveal his true identity. In the end, Jimmy sacrifices his new life to save the reputation of a young woman he has grown to care for. The story is a commentary on the nature of redemption and the power of love to change a person.

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Jimmy Valentine Question Answer

1) To whom did Jimmy write a letter? Why did he write that way?

Ans. Jimmy wrote a letter to his old friend Billy after setting in as a successful businessman in Elmore for a year. Next Wednesday, he requested that Billy meet him at Sullivan’s house. He wanted him to take care of some minor issues and give him the burglar’s gear. He wanted to live an honest life, so he didn’t need them. He ran a classy shoe shop. Additionally, he revealed to Billy that he will be marrying the most beautiful woman on earth in two weeks.

He sent Billy the letter to let him know about his actual situation as a prosperous businessman and his future intentions once he got married. He realised that living a moral life was the only possible way to live. His statements demonstrated Jimmy’s transformation into a decent person.

2) What did Jimmy like best about the restaurant?

Ans. In the restaurant, Jimmy ate broiled chicken, drank a bottle of white wine, and smoked a premium cigar.

3. What was Jimmy’s payment to the blind man?

Ans. The blind man received a quarter of a dollar from Jimmy.

4. Who did Jimmy first encounter when he was released from prison?

Ans. After leaving jail, Jimmy first ran into a man named Mike Dolan.

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5. What was Mike Dolan like?

Ans. Jimmy’s friend Mike Dolan, who also owned a cafe, supported Jimmy in getting out of jail.

6) “Sorry we couldn’t make it sooner,” the speaker said. Why was the speaker sorry?

Ans. Mike Dolan, the speaker, expressed regret for not being able to free Jimmy earlier from the jail.

7) Jimmy Valentine changed his name when he was at Elmore. Jimmy opened what kind of business there. At Elmore, how did Jimmy fare?

Ans. At Elmore, Jimmy Valentine adopted the surname Ralph D. Spenser.

At Elmore, Jimmy built a nice shoe business.

Jimmy established a shoe shop and had a decent run on it. He established himself as a successful businessman and developed a solid reputation in the neighbourhood within a year. Most importantly, he fell in love. He was getting married to Annabel Adams, the most beautiful woman on earth, in two weeks. The Adams family greeted him warmly.

8) In the story “Jimmy Valentine,” who is the detective?

Ans. The detective in the story “Jimmy Valentine” is Ben Price.

9) Where did Jimmy Valentine labour when he was jailed for ten months?

Ans. During his ten months in jail, Jimmy Valentine worked in a prison shoe store.

10) What happened to Jimmy Valentine in the jail shoe store?

Ans. In the jail shoe shop, Jimmy Valentine used to sew the uppers of shoes.

11) Who had Jimmy Valentine been pardoned by?

Ans. The governor had released Jimmy Valentine from prison.

12) How long was Jimmy jailed for the first time? Or. How many years did Jimmy receive as a prison term?

Ans. Jimmy was originally imprisoned for four years.

13) Jimmy served or kept in jail for how long?

Ans. Jimmy spent over ten months behind bars.

14) Where did Jimmy hide his bag?

Ans. In the upper level of Mike Dolan’s diner, Jimmy hid his baggage within a wall.

15) In order to apprehend Jimmy, they had overpowered him. Jimmy was defeated by whom and where?

Ans. Jimmy was overcome by Ben Price and his guys at the cafe upstairs at Mike Dolan’s.16)

16) What was in Jimmy’s suitcase?

Ans. The huge selection of burglary tools, including drills, punches, braces, bits, jimmies, and clamps, were in Ans. Jimmy’s suitcase.

17) How much did the tools for burglary cost?

Ans. Over $900 was invested on the burglary tool.

18) After being released from prison, how many robberies did Jimmy carry out?

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Ans. Jimmy broke into three different homes in Richmond, Logansport, and Jefferson City after being released out of jail.

19) Why was Jimmy given a prison term?

Ans. Jimmy received a prison sentence for breaking into a safe in Springfield.

20) What gift did the prison’s clerk give Jimmy Valentine?

Ans.  Jimmy Valentine received a railroad ticket and a $5 bill from the prison’s clerk.

21) What was the prison guard’s name?

Ans. Cronin was the prison’s guard.

22) How many Jimmys were there in the prison?

Ans. Jimmy had the inmate ID number 9762.

23) How are the people of Elmore doing?

Ans. The residents of Elmore are sociable.

24) Describe Jimmy Valentine’s success in Elmore.

Ans. A shoe store Jimmy Valentine built helped him succeed in Elmore.

25) Who was the receiver of Jimmy’s letter?

Ans. The letter was written by Jimmy to his old friend Billy.

26) Jimmy wanted to meet Billy where?

Jimmy wanted to go to Sullivan’s house to meet Billy.

27) To whom did Jimmy intend to provide his tools of theft?

Ans. Jimmy intended to offer his old pal Billy his burglary equipment.

28) What motivated him to seek out Billy?

Ans. He wanted to meet Billy to wrap up some leftover business and give Billy his toolkit.

29) What did Annabel think of Jimmy’s luggage’s contents?

Ans. Annabel thought the information on the contents of Jimmy’s suitcase was as solid as gold bricks.

30) What did Jimmy tell Annabel about the suitcase’s contents?

Ans. There were numerous nickel-plated shoe horns in the bag, Jimmy informed Annabel.

31) What label item was added to Elmore Bank?

Ans. The Elmore Bank now has a brand-new safe and vault.

32) Why was Mr. Adams so ecstatic?

Ans. Mr. Adams was really pleased with his new safe and vault.

33) Who were May & Agatha?

Ans. The married sister of Annabel has two daughters, May & Agatha.

34) How old was Agatha who got trapped inside the vault?

Ans. Agatha was five years old when she became entrapped inside the vault.

35) “I’ve left the old company.” – What old business is this?

Ans. The old work is burglary.

36) In Jimmy’s letter to Billy, how did he characterise Annabel?

Ans. In his letter to Billy, Jimmy called Annabel an angel and the prettiest girl on earth.

37) Jimmy wanted to live there after marriage.

Ans. Jimmy wanted to migrate to the West after being married to Annabel.

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38) From whom did Jimmy purchase his wedding attire?

Ans. Jimmy purchased his wedding outfit in Little Rock, Arkansas.

39) “Mr. Ralph D. Spencer, the phoenix that emerged from Jimmy Valentine’s ashes.” – Ralph D. Spencer: Who is he? Define Phoenix. What justifies the comparison?

Ans. Jimmy Valentine had changed his name at Elmore to Mr. Ralph D. Spencer.

The phoenix is a mythical bird from Arabia, according to ancient myths. Every 500 years, it burns itself to ashes and emerges from the ashes anew.

Jimmy Valentine lost himself and transformed into another guy when he looked into Annabel’s eyes. He made the decision to leave his previous career as a burglar and instead pursue a moral life under a new name. Ralph D. Spencer emerged from Jimmy Valentine’s ashes thanks to the invasion of love. Therefore, it is right to compare Jimmy Valentine to the Phoenix.

40) Who was Miss Annabel Adams?

Ans. The Elmore Bank’s owner, Mr. Adams, was the father of Miss Annabel Adams.

Jimmy Valentine Very Important MCQ

Jimmy Valentine Very Important MCQ

Jimmy Valentine Class-11 Prose || O. Henry|| Previous Years M.C.Q|| Part-1 || very important

FAQs on “Jimmy Valentine”

What is “Jimmy Valentine” by O. Henry about?

“Jimmy Valentine” is a short story by O. Henry. It is about a safecracker named Jimmy Valentine who is released from prison and decides to go straight, but is pulled back into a life of crime when a former victim recognizes him.

Who is the main character in “Jimmy Valentine”?

The main character in “Jimmy Valentine” is Jimmy Valentine, a safecracker who is released from prison and decides to go straight.

What is the theme of “Jimmy Valentine”?

The theme of “Jimmy Valentine” is the power of redemption and the possibility of change. The story shows how Jimmy Valentine is able to turn his life around and leave his criminal past behind, but is ultimately pulled back into a life of crime.

What is the significance of the name “Jimmy Valentine”?

The name “Jimmy Valentine” is significant because it serves as a symbol of the protagonist’s ability to change his identity and start anew. The name “Jimmy” is a common name, while “Valentine” suggests a romantic or sentimental aspect, which is ironic considering the protagonist’s profession as a safecracker.

How does the story end?

The story ends with Jimmy Valentine being recognized by a former victim and being forced to return to his old ways as a safecracker.

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