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The Laburnum Top Summary (CBSE Class 11) By Ted Huges

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The Laburnum Top Summary class 11
NameThe Laburnum Top
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorTed Huges


The poem’s main idea demonstrates how the two have a repaying relationship. Additionally, it begins by mentioning how peaceful the Laburnum tree is in the yellow September light.

English Summary – “The Laburnum Top”

The poet recounts what he sees in the laburnum tree based on his own experience. It starts off with explaining how the tree’s yellow leaves look. Additionally, he observes that the treetop is silent and motionless even in September.

The tree has lost all of its leaves due to the autumnal weather, and the seeds have fallen to the ground. Most notable is the poet’s use of the word “yellow” to describe both the sunlight and the colour of the leaves. Here, yellow stands for beauty, silence, & death. As a result, he makes excellent use of this colour to capture the entire scene.

He then notes that when a goldfinch bird lands on the tree, the death-like picture of the tree ends. When the bird arrives, the tree suddenly makes a chirruping sound. He likens the bird’s rapidity, speed, and vigilance to those of a lizard.

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The nestlings begin singing and flapping their wings as mother approaches the thickness of the branch. As a result of this movement, the tree begins to tremble and shake as well. So, it is interesting to see how the poet describes the tree while offering two opposing possibilities. It first appeared to be dead, but as the bird landed on it, it came to life.

The poet also recognizes at last that the tree and the goldfinch bird are the backbone of her family. She walks to the other branch’s end when she offers food for the tiny birds. He describes how the bird looks. It has a darkly coloured, striped face.

Her body then turns yellow, blending perfectly with the tree’s yellow leaves. She finally produces a fairly pleasing chirping sound after reaching the branch’s end. As she soars away in the endless sky, the poet likens this sound to whispering. Thus, when the bird flies away from the Laburnum tree, it once more goes silent and takes on a dead appearance.

About The Author

Ted Huges is the writer. A Laburnum tree and a Goldfinch bird serve as the key elements of the poem.

FAQs on “The Laburnum Top”

What is “The Laburnum Top” by Ted Hughes about?

The Laburnum Top” is a poem by Ted Hughes that describes the beauty and power of nature, with a focus on a laburnum tree. The poem uses vivid imagery and metaphors to convey the tree’s grandeur and the sense of awe it evokes in the speaker.

What is the theme of “The Laburnum Top”?

The theme of “The Laburnum Top” is the beauty and power of nature, and the sense of awe it evokes in the speaker. The poem also explores the relationship between man and nature, and the sense of insignificance that one feels in the presence of such grandeur.

What is the tone of the poem?

The tone of the poem is one of awe and reverence. The speaker is filled with wonder and admiration at the sight of the laburnum tree, and the language used in the poem reflects this.

Conclusion – “The Laburnum Top”

In short, The Laburnum Top summary teaches us about the loving bond between the tree and the bird and how they both have such significant responsibilities to play in each other’s lives.

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