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How The Camel Got His Hump Summary (Class 8) By Sir Rudyard Kipling

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How The Camel Got His Hump Summary (Class 8) By Sir Rudyard Kipling
NameHow The Camel Got His Hump
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorSir Rudyard Kipling

Short Summary – How The Camel Got His Hump

The poem relates the story of the origin of the camel’s hump. The poet claims that everything was brand-new at the beginning of the world. The creatures had only recently begun to work for humans. The narrative focuses on a camel that lived in the Howling Desert. He consumed thorns and sticks and had no desire to work for anyone. He would remain immovable and mutter, “Humph!

The horse arrived to him on a Monday morning. He instructed him to run outside. The camel, though, continued to hump as usual. The horse informed the man of this. A dog eventually approached the camel and requested him to work after some time. But the camel continued, “Humph!” The Ox eventually found him. The camel gave him his usual “Humph!” reaction.

The man called for the ox, the dog, and the horse. Regarding the camel, he questioned. All three creatures informed him of what had happened. Even after hearing them, the man insisted that they work twice as hard to make up for the camel’s work. All three of them became angry and furious as a result. They chose to summon a panchayat. The Djinn of All Deserts arrived in the panchayat.

The horse reported to the Djinn about the camel at the panchayat. He only used the word “Humph!” while informing him that the camel would not work. They were assured by the Djinn that he would make the camel right.

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The camel was watching his reflection in the water when the Djinn discovered him in the desert. The camel gave him its usual “Humph” response when he ordered it to work. The moment the camel said these words, he noticed his lovely back puffing out. This was quite odd. The camel was extremely proud of his gorgeous back until it started to look ugly.

It was the camel’s natural hump, the Djinn said, explaining this to him. As he didn’t work, he is the only one responsible for this. The camel was now invited to work by the Djinn, but he refused because of his hump. According to him, the camel can now work for three days without eating or drinking because he hasn’t worked for three days. Since that time, the camel has grown a hump, but it has still not learnt how to behave.

About The Author

Sir Rudyard Kipling is the author of this poem. It is fiction. This is the story of a sluggish camel. He would remain immovable and mutter, “Humph!


Students can learn not to waste time by sitting around doing nothing in How The Camel Got His Hump. One who is lazy and doesn’t complete their tasks or fulfil their obligations on time usually suffers in the end.

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