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Quality Of Mercy Summary (Karnataka Board Class 10) By William Shakespeare

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Quality Of Mercy Summary (Karnataka Board Class 10) By William Shakespeare
NameQuality Of Mercy
BoardKarnataka Board
AuthorWilliam Shakespeare

Short Summary – Quality Of Mercy

A stanza by William Shakespeare is referred to in the poem “Mercy.” Every human being is born with the quality of mercy, according to the poet, but very few people actually seek to apply it strictly because we can only beg for it when we have the right to do so. Mercy is like the rain that the clouds pour down upon the earth to relieve its thirst. Genuinely, mercy is a divine characteristic. Due to the fact that it always brings happiness to both the giver and the receiver, it is known as a double blessing.

When compared to the most powerful kings, mercy is more strong. Mercy is far superior to the king’s crown only because the king’s crown can only grant him temporary power. The king can easily threaten all of those obedient people, but he will be far from being admired. Mercy is highly valued by everyone. A true king, who treats his people kindly and fairly without making them work hard, always has mercy in his heart. Mercy has been described as a rain that completely quenches Earth’s thirst after a hot day.

Therefore, mercy does the same thing: it calms stressed nerves and heals broken hearts. God is defined by mercy. Any earthly power can be viewed as a god when mercy and justice are united.

The poem is a stanza with one couplet and three quatrains. There is no precise rhyming structure.

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The poet claims that when a king demonstrates mercy, his powers become like those of God since it will inspire even his opponents to respect and love him. The people will adore him more and the one who receives mercy will always be grateful to him.

About The Author

William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice contains a statement by Portia titled “The quality of kindness” (Act 4, Scene 1). In the speech, Portia urges Shylock to have mercy on Antonio while appearing as a lawyer. The speech praises the virtue of mercy, which it calls “a quality of God Himself.” Mercy is not strained in any way.

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