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A Horse And Two Goats Summary (ICSE Class 9) By R.K NARAYAN

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NameA Horse And Two Goats
A Horse And Two Goats Summary


The subject of the tale is the villager Muni, who keeps two goats. He eventually has a misunderstanding with an American. The American decides to purchase the horse statue for a hundred rupee note after believing Muni to be its owner. Muni views it as a trade for his goats.

ICSE English Summary – “A Horse And Two Goats”

The main character of the tale is a villager named “Muni” who formerly had a herd of forty sheep and goats. He currently only owns two goats, though. After having his breakfast, Muni gets his drumsticks from the tree in front of his home and shakes them down. He then requests a drumstick sauce. However, his wife insists that he bring groceries for the house. Muni tries but fails to arrange for the food from the nearby shop to be paid for on credit.Aside from that, his wife taunts him for failing. He then brings his goats to a spot on the outside of the village next to the highway to graze them.

Muni then takes a seat under the clay horse sculpture to shade himself from the heat. He observes the vehicles. In addition, he notices a yellow station wagon approaching him. The red-faced American exits the wagon and asks where the closest petrol station is. Muni assumed that he was a police officer or soldier who had arrived to inquire about the incident that had occurred in the neighbouring village. Because of his Khaki clothing, this misunderstanding occurred. However, he shares the American his story after noticing that he is friendly from his gestures.

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They both share stories with one another. Muni describes how cheetahs and jackals stole his cattle. Additionally, he claims that he has never attended school because, in those times, only Brahmins had an education. Additionally, he informs him of the temple priest who was able to recognize the thief’s face in the camphor. He continues by saying that towards the conclusion of the Kali Yuga, all evil persons would be eliminated. He also shows his anger and frustration toward the village chief, who has collected a significant amount of money and is now wealthy. 

The American also discloses to Muni that he is a coffee businessman. When there wasn’t electricity, he was made to work for 4 hours. He became curious about different civilizations after the incident, so he left his wife in Srinagar and travelled to India.

The American was mesmerised by the horse monument. He assumed that Muni was the horse’s owner. He makes him a purchase offer of 100 rupees. Due to a communication breakdown, Muni accepted the trade for his goats. He had long desired to sell his goat and start a new enterprise with the money. He was thus pleased. The American was also pleased to purchase the horse.

Muni informs his wife of the incident. She accused him of stealing since she found his words to be so ridiculous. The two goats arrive home shortly after, which confirms her suspicions.

About The Author

R.K. Narayan (1906-2001) was an Indian novelist and short-story writer whose works were primarily set in the fictional South Indian town of Malgudi. He is one of the most celebrated and distinguished Indian English-language writers of the 20th century. His novels and short stories are known for their wit, simplicity, and humor. Some of his most famous works include “The Guide,” “The Financial Expert,” and “Malgudi Days.” Narayan was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1964 and the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1985.

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Conclusion – “A Horse and Two Goats”

The significance of communication is the message of R.K. Narayan’s short story, “A Horse and Two Goats.” Despite not speaking the same language, Muni and the American manage to come to an agreement that benefits both parties. His wife, however, still thinks his story unbelievable despite his explanations.

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