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Mending Wall Summary by Robert Frost

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NameMending Wall
AuthorRobert Frost
Mending Wall Summary by Robert Frost


“Mending Wall” is a thought-provoking poem by Robert Frost that challenges traditional ideas about walls and boundaries. Published in 1914, the poem explores the annual activity of two neighbors who mend a wall between them, despite their conflicting views on its necessity.

English Summary – “Mending Wall”

The poem “Mending Wall” is really thought-provoking and goes against the grain. It was written by Robert Frost, published in 1914, and became incredibly well-known all across the world for its straightforward yet meaningful message. The Mending Wall Summary will quickly walk you through the poetry. Also, it will assist in understanding the poem’s analysis.

The two primary characters of the poem will be discussed in the opening of the Mending Wall synopsis. It concerns two neighbours who are divided by a wall. Also, it mostly concerns their usual springtime work of mending the wall.

There are divergent opinions between the two neighbours. While the speaker thinks barriers are unnecessary, his neighbour disagrees. Together, they are strolling along the wall and filling in the holes as they go because they both reside across a hill. Additionally, they’re both on the opposing sides of the wall in their respective borders.

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According to the poet, there are rocks on the earth with faces that resemble loaves of bread. Some are also rounded like balls. The poet describes how their fingers chafe after picking up the boulders in “mending wall” summary.

He sees it as nothing more than an activity. In addition, the poet doesn’t think a wall is necessary. In other words, he says that they just have trees solely. They won’t cross and do any harm as a result.

His neighbour, though, holds a different viewpoint. In response, he says that having good neighbours depends on having decent fences. As they don’t actually have any cows that will cross over, the poet disagrees.

He also claims that there is a force that despises walls. It seeks to drag it down, in other words. The poet suggests that the wall’s openings might be created by elves. He wants the neighbour to comprehend, though, on his own.

The poet says in the poem’s conclusion that he hopes his neighbour realises it because he does not want to alter his way of thinking. He emphasises the importance of good fences so extensively that he says it again.

About The Author

Robert Frost (1874-1963) was an American poet who is considered one of the most prominent literary figures of the 20th century. Born in San Francisco, Frost spent his childhood in New England and was particularly fond of the rural landscapes of Vermont and New Hampshire, which served as the inspiration for much of his poetry.

Frost’s poetry often explores themes of nature, isolation, and human relationships, and his use of language is characterized by its simplicity and clarity. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry four times during his lifetime, and his work has been widely anthologized and studied in schools and universities around the world.

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Despite his success, Frost was not immune to personal tragedy. He lost his wife to tuberculosis and four of his six children died at various stages of their lives. These experiences of loss and grief are reflected in some of his poetry, particularly in his later works.

Frost was also known for his lectures and public speaking engagements, where he would often discuss his approach to writing poetry and his views on society and politics. He was a respected and influential figure in the literary world and his work continues to be widely read and appreciated today.

Conclusion – “Mending Wall”

According to the Mending Wall description, destruction and creation go hand in hand and represent the duality of life. According to him, the wall symbolises ambiguity because it divides and unites two people at the same time.


What is “Mending Wall” about?

“Mending Wall” is a poem about the building and rebuilding of a stone wall that separates two neighbors’ properties. The poem explores the themes of tradition, isolation, and the human tendency to create barriers and divisions.

What is the structure of “Mending Wall”?

“Mending Wall” is written in blank verse, which is unrhymed iambic pentameter. The poem is composed of 46 lines, divided into 10 stanzas of varying lengths.

Who are the two characters in the poem?

The two characters in the poem are the speaker and his neighbor, who work together to rebuild the stone wall that separates their properties.

What is the significance of the wall in the poem?

The wall in the poem represents the physical and metaphorical barriers that humans create to separate themselves from each other. The wall also represents the divide between tradition and progress, as the speaker questions the necessity of continuing a tradition that no longer serves a practical purpose.

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What is the tone of the poem?

The tone of the poem is contemplative and reflective, with the speaker questioning the necessity of building and maintaining the wall while also acknowledging the practical benefits of doing so.

What is the message of “Mending Wall”?

The message of “Mending Wall” is that while barriers and boundaries may serve a practical purpose, they also have the potential to create isolation and division. The poem encourages readers to question the value of traditions and to consider the ways in which walls and barriers can both separate and connect us.

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