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Upon Westminster Bridge Question Answer [Class 11]

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Upon Westminster Bridge Question Answer
StdMaharashtra Class 11
SubjectEnglish Solution
ChapterUpon Westminster Bridge

Answer The Following Questions

1) Why is everything sparkling and bright?

Ans. Everything is sparkling and bright due to the lack of smoke in the air.

2) “The sun has never been more delightfully steep.” – What exactly do you mean when you say “steep”?

Ans. Steep is a verb that means to bathe or flood.

3) Valley, rock, or hill—in its original splendour.’ –  What exactly does the word “splendour” mean?

Ans. Here, the word “splendour” refers to the sun’s brightness.

4) Whom does the word “his” refer to?

Ans. The word “his” is used to refer to the sun.

5) What sensation does Wordsworth sense that he has never felt before?

Or. What had the poet never felt before that morning’s experience?

Ans. Wordsworth has never before felt such a deep peace.

6) The water flows according to his beautiful desire. Which river gently flows according to his beautiful will?

Or. To what river does the poem “Upon Westminster Bridge” refer?

Ans. At his beautiful desire, the Thames flows sweetly.

7) Why does the poet claim that “Earth has nothing to display more fair”?

Ans. The poet expresses his appreciation for the splendour of the early morning from Westminster Bridge.

8) Earth has nothing that would make it more fair. – What is the line’s most justified mention?

Or. Which city is the fairest, in Wordsworth’s opinion?

Ans. The sentence refers to the city of London in the early morning as being the fairest thing.

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9) “Dull would he be of soul,” verse 9. Who is a person who has a “dull of soul”? Or. In the poem “Upon Westminster Bridge,” who is the poet referring to as “dull”?

Ans. A person who disregards the glorious sight of dawn is referred to as having a “dull of soul.”

10) In the poem “Upon Westminster Bridge,” which city is the poet referring to?

Ans. In the poem “Upon Westminster Bridge,” the poet refers to the capital city of London.

11) What garments wear the city? Or. what the poem “Upon Westminster Bridge” refers to as the “garment of the city”.

Ans. The morning’s splendour was worn by the city.

12) How does the phrase “Dear God” make you feel?

Ans. The phrase “Dear God” conveys an incredible sense of joy, awe, and appreciation.

13) How does the poet perceive the homes?

Ans. The residences appear to be asleep.

14) “And that whole strong heart is lying motionless.” What does the phrase “powerful heart” mean in this context? Or. What is meant by the term “powerful heart”?

Ans. The phrase “mighty heart” relates to London.

15) What characteristics of London does William Wordsworth give it?

Ans. In his poem “The Mighty Heart Is Still Lying,” William Wordsworth perfectly represents the city of London by saying that it is still lying.

16) At what time did the poet see the city?

Ans. The poet took a morning stroll through the city.

17) What does Wordsworth have to say about the loveliness of the morning?

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Ans. The beauty of the dawn, according to Wordsworth, is mute and bare.

18) Why is London deserted and silent?

Ans. The city of London is quiet since there isn’t much vehicle or human noise this early in the morning, and it is empty due to the lack of smoke in the air.

19) What can be seen from the Westminster Bridge by the poet?

Ans. From the London Bridge, the poet can view boats, towers, domes, theatres, and temples.

20) What is the city’s atmosphere like, according to Wordsworth?

Ans. Wordsworth refers to the city’s air as being smokeless.

21) What do the people of London dress in?

Ans. The author imagines that the beauty of the morning (quiet) is worn as a garment by the city of London.

22) What scene is being described by William Wordsworth, and what time of day is it?

Ans. William Wordsworth is portraying the early-morning scene in London just before dawn.

23) To what “Garment” does the speaker refer? Who is the wearer?

Ans. The author refers to the splendour of London in the early morning as the “Garment.” The city of London is shown wearing the item.

24) How does the rising light make the hill, rock, and valley beautiful?

Ans. The morning sun beautifies the valley, rock, and hill with its initial splendour.

25) What does “houses seem asleep” mean?

Ans. Everyone is asleep in bed in their homes. The poet personifies the houses as appearing to be asleep as a result.

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