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What is CC in Train?

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What is CC in Train

If you have ever traveled in train or travel by Train, then you must have listened about your one CC seat and EC seat. But are you aware of What is cc in Train?,  What is the difference between CC and EC? How to book a CC seat in Train? 

If you do not have any details about EC seats and CC seat, then read this blog completely. After reading this blog completely, you will easily get to know what is CC train ticket? and What is EC train ticket?

What is CC in Train?

Many people are interested about what is CC in Train. Many people do not have any idea about AC EC seat in Train and AC CC seat in Train.

If you don’t know what is CC in Train? So let me tell you that this is a kind of train coach, just like in Three Tier AC, trains Sleeper (SL), Second Sitting, etc. Similarly, there are EC and CC coaches on the Train.

Although this AC EC train coach and AC CC train coach are not accessible in all trains.

This type of coach can only be seen on limited trains.

The complete form of CC is Chair Car. It is a kind of train coach. In which there is a chair for the traveller to sit.

At the same time, talking about what is EC in Train. So the complete form of EC is Executive Chair Car. In EC coach also there is a sitting seat for the traveller to travel. Like the EC train coach, there is also an CC train coach.

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Just because there is a little difference between them, So it’s also have a little difference in rent and facility too. Further down I have also told you about what is the difference between CC and EC in Train?

EC and CC have best luxury seat. Sitting on which the travellers can easily complete their journey.

For those who have to travel by Train for short period of time, EC and CC train coach is greatest for those. If you have to travel only 5-7 hours in Train then executive chair car and chair car coach will be finest for you.

We also know CC coach by the name of AC Chair Car Coach. This is because AC is also accessible in this coach. As I told you in above paragraph that this is a type of best luxury seating chair car coach.

AC Executive Chair Car And AC Chair Car Coach Layout

Now many of you will be curious to know that after all, how is the seat arrangement in CC train coach and EC train coach?

There is a major difference in the train as compared to Three Tier, Sleeper, Second Sitting coach. In EC and CC train coaches, travellers have a chair to travel.

It is a best luxury chair. Not only this, AC is also available in CC and EC coaches.

In a CC train coach, there are mainly 3 + 2 seats (5 seats) in a line. In the earlier CC coach, there were mainly 3 + 3 seats (6 seats) in a line. In differentiation, EC train coach has mainly 4 seats in a line.

How to book CC Ticket in Train?

Let us now know in detail what is cc in train ticket booking? Follow the steps given underneath to book EC or CC ticket.

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Step 1. To book a ticket, open the IRCTC app or the official website of IRCTC on your mobile phone. 

Step 2. Login with your account.

If you do not have an any account, you can create an account by clicking on given register option.

Step 3. Now choose station and Journey date

Step 4. After this, select the Train.

Step 5. Now after choosing the EC or CC option, click on the book option.

Step 6. After filling all the personal details, click on submit.

Step 7. Now verify the captcha given below.

Step 8. Now you can make payment with the help of a UPI, credit, debit card.

After payment, your ticket will be booked successfully and you can download the softcopy in PDF form.

What is the dissimilarity between CC and EC Train Coach?

There is some dissimilarity between CC and EC. Which I have tried to describe to you with the help of point.

We get much more facilities in EC train coaches in comparison to CC coach.

  • EC coach tickets are almost two times more costly than CC coach tickets.

AC is accessible in both of these coaches. Due to which the traveller does not face any problems.

  • There are mainly 5 seats in a line in CC coach. And in EC coach there are mainly 4 seats in a line.

Travellers can travel comfortably in EC coach because we get more space in this coach.

So friends, today I have given you details about CC and EC train coach to you guys. And also I have given details about how to book CC train ticket?

Let me tell you that CC and EC coaches are not accessible in all trains. CC and EC coaches are seen in most of the trains whose plan is on the day.

FAQs on CC in Train

What does CC stand for in train bookings?

In train bookings, CC stands for “Chair Car”.

What is a Chair Car in a train?

A Chair Car is a type of coach found on certain trains, typically on intercity or long-distance trains. These coaches are designed for comfort, and typically have cushioned seats that are arranged in a 2×2 configuration, with aisles between them. They usually have air conditioning, reading lights and charging points. They are generally considered to be a higher class of service than General coaches, and the fare is usually higher.

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How many seats are there in a Chair Car coach?

The number of seats in a Chair Car coach can vary depending on the train and the railway company. Typically, there are around 36-40 seats in a Chair Car coach.

What is the difference between CC and sleeper class in train bookings?

Sleeper class is another type of coach found on certain trains. In Sleeper class, seats can be converted into beds for overnight journeys. The seats in Sleeper class are usually arranged in a 3×2 configuration with aisles between them. The fare for Sleeper class is generally higher than General coaches but lower than Chair Car.

Can I book a seat in a Chair Car coach?

Yes, you can book a seat in a Chair Car coach when buying a train ticket. You can check the availability of seats and make a reservation through the official website of Indian Railways or through authorized travel agents.

Is food service available in Chair Car coach?

It depends on the train and the railway company. Some trains have pantry cars and provide food service, while others do not. You can check the facilities offered by a particular train on the official website of Indian Railways.


We hope you enjoyed our article about what is CC in Train and our 8 simple steps for solving for booking CC tickets. We are always happy to answer any questions that may come up about the process.

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