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Dust of Snow Class 10 Questions and Answers

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Summary of Dust of Snow

Somehow this poem is near to everyone’s life. the poet has tried to point out some part of the day, that may be dull in one way or another But at the snow time, one  incident Mein change  are mood. it happens often,  we might be feeling sunken and suddenly a colourful song “Holi Khele Raghuveera”  may rejuvenate  as like the poet was renergized By a dust of snow thrown by the crow sitting on hemlock tree. A small act like strolling hand-in-hand  with someone, shopping a hot Nescafe on the roadside, Driving your bike on a long highway, enjoying the smell of steaming dal makhan and so on. There are various ways to be apart from others.

Dust of Snow Class -Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is a dust of snow? What does the poet say when he changes his mood? How has the poet’s mood changed?

Answer: Dust of snow is a sobriquet used to indicate a good moment that comes suddenly in one’s life. When a crow throws some snow sitting upon a hemlock, the tree changes his mood. it is also because if you are positive it will not hamper your work if you are sitting among odds.

Question 2: How does Frost present nature in this poem? The following questions may help you to think of a crow?

Answer: Frost is a solid form of water and is white in colour. white is the colour of purity and it indicates goodness and softness just like snow, so the poet has used it here.

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Question 3: What are the birds that are usually named in poems? Do you think crow is often mentioned in poems?  What images come to your mind when you think of a crow?

Answer: Only crow has been mentioned in the poem although it is considered as an evil everywhere. No, It is not mentioned since it is a symbol of bad luck,  but at the same time it shows a guest is about to come, whenever it comes on the rooftop as mentioned in the mythological Stories an image of creatures comes into our mind.

Question 3: Again, What is a hemlock tree? Why doesn’t it point to write about beautiful trees such as a Maple, or an Oak, or a pine?

Answer: Hemlock tree is a poisonous tree. it is not very beautiful. but the poet does not mention any more beautiful trees. He believed that every aspect of nature is beautiful.

Question 4: What do the “crow” and “hemlock” represent, joy or sorrow? What does the dust of Snow that crow shakes off a hemlock tree stand for?

Answer: The crow and hemlock tree are bad omens. They both represent sorrow. But the dust of Snow that the crow shakes off stands for joints. This simple incident changed the poet’s mood completely. He decided to pass the rest of the day happily.

Question 5: Have there been times when you felt depressed or hopeless? Have you experienced a similar moment that changed your mood that day?

Answer: Happy as well as sad moments are a part of everyone’s life. Similarly, I have witnessed such times too. I  felt quite hopeless one day. I went jogging at a park and then sat on a bench. When I looked at the ground I saw some Biomass which was rotting due to rain. but from this, tiny, tender sprouts were rising. The world at that spot was not present at all, yet those tiny plants rose from it, bringing hope of life.That made me smile and caused a chain reaction effect. it changed my mood and I returned home with hope in my mind.

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