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The Tale of Custard The Dragon Question Answers [Class 10 English Poem by Ogden Nash]

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The Tale of Custard The Dragon Question Answers

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The Tale of Custard The Dragon Question Answers

Q1: The poem The Tale of custard the Dragon is written by?

Ans: The Tale of custard the Dragon is written by Ogden Nash.

Q2: What was the name of Belinda’s pets?

Ans: The names of Belinda’s pets were Ink, Blink, Mustard and Custard.Ink was a cast, the Grey mouse was called blink. The yellow dog was called Mustard and the Dragon was named Custard.

Q3: Belinda lived in a?

Ans: A little white house.

Q4: Why did Belinda cry for help? Who came to help her?

Ans: Belinda cried for help because she was afraid of the pirate.Custard came to help her.

Q5: How did Belinda’s pets, other than custard, face the pirate? 

Ans: All the animals other than the Dragon Used to boast about their bravery and made fun of the Dragon. But when the pirate entered the house, all got scared and then we and it’s repaired except Custard, the Dragon.

Q6: Custard hanbali accepts that other animals are braver than him. Give a reason to support your stance that ability is a virtue worth processing.

Ans: Humility is a great virtue as it shows real maturity, Confidence and strength. Custard knew of his capabilities and strength rather than speaking it through his action. He was a humble Dragon. Custard admitted that Mustard, Ink,and Blink were braver than him, So accepting his fear and the courage others demonstrate that he was virtuous. Custard, in fact,  was bolder than all of them. When tried to plunder Belinda’s house, all of her pets fled and took refuge somewhere safe.

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Q7: What did Custard look like?

Ans: Custard looked really dangerous with spikes on his top and scales underneath. His mouth was like a fireplace and nose like a chimney. His toes looked like daggers.

Q8: “Belinda was as brave as a barrel full of bears” Identify two poetic devices used in the above line from the poem “The Tale of Custard The Dragon”.

Ans: The two poetic devices used in given lines are as follows:

A) Simile- As brave as a barrel.

B) Alliteration- Brave, a barrel full of bears.

Q8: The usage of words like”realio trulio” creates a wonderful poetic effect. How?

Ans: The words “realio trulio” create a melodius poetic effect by making the poem more interesting to read. There are no such words as “realio” and “trulio” in reality. They actually mean “really” and “truly”.

Q9: Give the brief description of the pirate in hte poem “The Tale of Custard the Dragon”.

Ans: The pirate appeared in Belinda’s house with a pistol in his left hand and another one in his right hand, and he even held a short sword in his teeth. His beard was black and one of his legs was wooden and it was quite abvious that he had not come with good intentions.

Q10: Why it is fair to say that Custard could be the “poster boy” for the belief that the real nature of a person is revealed at times of the greatest difficulty? poster boy:- a man who epitomizes or represents a specified quality, cause, etc.

Ans: Absolutely, Custard could be the poster boy for the relief that the real nature of a person is revealed at times of the greatest difficulty. All believed Custard was a coward however,Custard the dragon,was the only one who was actually brave. The others were all cowards. They disappeared when they saw the pirate. But the dragon faced him bravely and swallowed him up.

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Q10: Why did Belinds and her pets prove ungrateful to Custard who killed the pirate?

Ans: Belinda and her pets showed a temporary appreciation of Custard’s heroic feat. Belinda embraced him and other pets danced around him. But they again started indulging in self-patting and self-praise. They showed there ungratefulness by undermining and not acknowledging with the pirate.

Q11: What did Custard do when he saw the pirate?

Ans: When Custard saw the pirate, he jumped up emitting an explosive sound and clashed his tail on the floor. Then with a loud rattling sound he went to the pirate and ate the pirate hurriedly, noisily and completely.

Q12: What did others do when Custard gobbled the pirate?

Ans: After Custrad gobbled the pirate, Belinda embraced him and Mustard licked him. At the same time, Ink and Blink moved around Custard with joy and no one mourned the dead pirate.

Q13: State the reason you think the poet named the animals Ink, Blink, Mustard and Custard?

Ans: The post named the animals Ink, Blink, Mustard and Custard to make the poem interesting to read and to maintain the rhyming scheme of the poem.

Q14: Writers use words to give us a picture or image without actually saying what they mean. Can you trace some images used in the poem ” The Tale of Custard the Dragon”?

Ans: It is the device of putting an impact on the reader. Through them try to put the readers into reality. Some of the words showing images can be given as under:

  • Big sharp teeth.
  • Mouth like fireplace.
  • Chimney for a nose.
  • Tail like iron.
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Q15: Describe the appearance of the pirate. The post could have included a burgular or an intruder n the poem, but chose to include a pirtae. Explain this choice. [CBSE QB 2021]

Ans: The pirate lokked quite dreadful and dominating. He carried a pistol in his left as well as in right hand. He held a shining dagger in his mouth. His beard was black and one of his legs was of wood. It seemed that his intentions were terrible. The poet chose a pirate over any burglar or a thief because a pirate looks evil and nasty.

Q16: Why did Belinds tickle Custard mercilessly? Why was he teased as “Percival”?

Ans: Belinda had a very poor opinion of Custard. She considered him a coward and always taunted and tickled him for being so. All other pets, Ink, Blink and Mustard mocked at Custard’s timidity and lack of courage. Tauntingly, they called him Percival, who was a brave knight of King Arthur.

What is the main theme of Custard the Dragon?

The poem is talking about the importance of not judging others on the basis of their appearance. Belinda says that she is brave, that her pets are brave, but it is important to not judge others.

Who were the pets of Belinda?

Belinda has four pets. They are: Ink, Mustard, Blink and Custard.

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