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Pride And Prejudice Summary (CBSE Class 8) By Jane Austen

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Pride And Prejudice Summary CBSE Class 8 By Jane Austen
NamePride And Prejudice
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorJane Austen

Short Summary – Pride And Prejudice

The Pride & Prejudice Summary by Jane Austen is the topic of this piece. In brief, it provides a summary of the pride and prejudice novel. The early nineteenth century in rural England is the scene for the plot of the Pride and Prejudice summary. The Bennets had five daughters in total. Mrs. Bennet is eager to marry her daughters so that William Collins does not inherit their fortune when Mr. Bennet passes away without leaving a legal male heir. The cousin of Mr. Bennet was William Collins.

As a result, she tries to convince her husband to go see Mr. Bingley. He was a wealthy bachelor who had recently moved into a rented home in the area. When Mr. Bennet made him a visit, he extended an offer for them to join a ball in the assembly rooms.

He was a kind and energetic man who expressed interest in Jane Bennet. The oldest of the sisters, Jane, was attractive and shy. Fitzwilliam Darcy, a friend of Charles Bingley, declines to dance with Elizabeth, claiming she isn’t attractive enough. Darcy was a highly affluent, haughty, & polite gentleman. In the Bennet family, Elizabeth was the second-oldest sibling and finds Darcy’s excuse for refusal funny.

Jane is invited to dine at Caroline’s home in Netherfield, the sister of Charles. But when she makes her way to Bingley’s house, she is wet by the rain and becomes sick. Elizabeth visited her, forcing her to restrict herself to that location. Darcy starts to become attracted to her lovely eyes at this point.

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Collins will soon pay the Bennet family a visit. He turns his attention to Elizabeth when he hears Jane might shortly get married. He becomes engaged to her friend Charlotte Lucas shortly after Elizabeth declines his proposal of marriage.

An army officer named George Wickham, who likes Elizabeth and she likes him, is introduced to the Bennet family meanwhile. He claims that Darcy denied him the job that Darcy’s late father had promised him. This discovery makes Elizabeth feel even worse about Darcy.

At their home, Netherfield, Bingley hosts a ball. Despite her promise to never dance with Darcy, Elizabeth was compelled to agree when he asked her to dance.

Soon after, Charles makes an unexpected trip to London. Elizabeth blames Darcy for this, and her distaste for him increases. When Jane visits her aunt and uncle in London, she realises that Caroline Bingley is not interested in the relationship between Jane and her brother. Jane is upset at this.

Elizabeth travels to Kent in the spring to see Collins and her friend Charlotte. Collins and Darcy’s aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, extend an invitation to them to visit her home. She also meets Darcy there. He began to like Elizabeth during this time and got down on one knee. She turned down his offer and berated him for severing Jane’s friendship with Bingley.

Later, he wrote her a letter to explain why, in his opinion, Jane was indifferent to Bingley and because of her family members’ inappropriate behaviour. He thus urged his friend to stop his relationship with Jane. He adds that he gave Wickham money that he had already spent. In addition to this, he attempted to wed his 15-year-old sister for financial benefit.

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A tour of Derbyshire that Elizabeth and Gardiners take a few months later includes a visit at Pemberley. She first learns that Mr. Darcy is a kind-hearted and compassionate guy at his estate, Pemberley. They are welcomed to Darcy’s home to see her sister, Georgia.

She learns that her sister Lydia has decided to get married to Wickham in the meantime. She quickly makes her way back home out of concern that her family’s reputation will now be damaged and Darcy will never see her again. But Wickham consents to wed Lydia. Elizabeth learns that Darcy bribed him with money and convinced him to wed Lydia. Mrs. Gardiner thinks he did it because he really loves Elizabeth.

Bingley was convinced to wed Jane by Darcy as well. Finally, Darcy asks Elizabeth to marry him once more, and this time she says yes. She explains to her parents that she is getting married because she loves Darcy, not because of his status or influence.

About The Author

English writer Jane Austen is most recognized for her six major works, which analyse, criticise, and remark on the landed aristocracy in Great Britain towards the end of the 18th century. The reliance of women on marriage in the pursuit of a favourable social standing and financial security is frequently explored in Austen’s stories.


Pride and Prejudice is basically the love story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, who both have to go past their prejudices in order to find each other. In order to come to embrace the other’s goodness of character, both characters must unlearn their pride & prejudice throughout the course of the tale.

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