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The Blue Umbrella Summary (CLASS 10) By Ruskin Bond

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NameThe Blue Umbrella
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorRuskin Bond

Short Summary – The Blue Umbrella

A girl named Binya is the topic of The Blue Umbrella’s Story. She once came across a remarkably brilliant blue silk umbrella. She gave a woman who had travelled from the city for a picnic her necklace in exchange and hung a leopard claw from that brilliant blue silk umbrella.

Everyone in the village wished they could own the umbrella since it was so lovely. Everywhere Binya went, she always had the umbrella with her.

One additional person had a strong desire for a stylish blue umbrella. Ram Bharosa, the owner of the shop, was an elderly guy who was also the richest person in the community. Even though he made the argument that the umbrella wasn’t appropriate for a little girl, Binya refused to sell it. Binya struggled to remove the umbrella because she was so devoted to it.

The umbrella’s colour started to deteriorate as the years went by. The best umbrella in the village was still the umbrella, though. Ram hires a young man named Rajaram from the nearby village to work at the shop as his envy of the umbrella grows over time into an obsession. Rajaram attempted to take the umbrella for his master but was unsuccessful. As a result, everyone in the town began to dislike Ram. Ram’s shop used to be empty right now. Ram’s behaviour left him feeling incredibly let down.

Binya left the umbrella at Ram’s shop when she went there one day to buy chocolates. Ram Bharosa had the desire to retain the umbrella, but he was quite dissatisfied. When he texted Binya after leaving the shop to urge her to take back the umbrella, she responded that she had left it there specifically for him. Ram was quite happy. After a few days, Ram gave her a necklace with a bear claw.

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About The Author

Indian author Ruskin Bond is a writer. The Room on the Roof, his debut book, was released in 1956 and was awarded the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize in 1957. More than 500 short stories, articles, and novels, including 64 for children, have been written by Bond.

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