The Thief Story Summary (CBSE Class 10) By Ruskin Bond

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The Thief Story Summary (CBSE Class 10) By Ruskin Bond
Name The Thief Story
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorRuskin Bond

Short Summary – The Thief Story

25-year-old Anil was a writer. He was enjoying a really carefree life. He was working quite hard to produce enough writing to support himself. Anil once observed a wrestling match. His partner is Hari. Hari praised the guy using his tested formula. Anil made him feel good and offered to teach him how to write, add numbers, and prepare exquisite meals. Both were now peacefully sharing a bed.

Hari saw that Anil had brought a stack of notes one day. He observed him keeping them there. The moment Hari laid eyes on the bundle of money, his demonic spirit awoke. That night, he made the decision to rob Anil. Anil ate dinner and fell asleep peacefully. Hari snuck up to the bed and put his hand under the mattress. He took the notes and left the area. To catch a train to Lucknow, he headed for the train depot. He, however, missed it. He walked around the markets. Hari Singh was wet from head to toe in the rain.

His mind was torn in two directions. He did not want to break Anil’s trust. Additionally, Anil was teaching him writing and additional skills that could change his life. So he walked out of the train station. He arrived at the field and took a seat on the bench. At that moment, it was raining heavily. There was a strong and chilly wind. He felt worse about cheating an innocent person. Due to the rain, his pyjamas and shirt became enmeshed to his body.

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Hari Singh changed his mind. He made the decision to go back to Anil and hide the cash there. He entered the space and repositioned the cash. He was a little late waking up the following morning, and Anil had already made his tea. Anil claimed to have earned it and gave Hari Singh 50 rupees. He promised him monthly payments going forward. Hari held onto the note tightly. He saw that the note was still moist from last night’s rain. When Hari discovered that Anil was aware of his crime, he showed no signs of regret, anger, or guilt in his mind.

About The Author

The writer of The Thief’s Story is Ruskin Bond. A fifteen-year-old boy named Hari Singh befriends strangers throughout the story in order to loot them. He met Anil while performing in a wrestling competition.


The lesson of the narrative is that relationships and human values matter in life and that these values may also change a person.

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