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The Room On The Roof Summary By Ruskin Bond

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The Room On The Roof Summary By Ruskin Bond
NameThe Room On The Roof
AuthorRuskin Bond


In the story Room on the Roof, Rusty, an orphan who lost both of his parents, is left without a genuine family. Despite the fact that he lives with his guardian (Mr. John Harrison), he is extremely sad and alone and does not feel at home. Rusty is feeling a range of feelings, including confusion, obligation, helplessness, loneliness, & sadness.

English Summary – “The Room On The Roof”

The Room on the Roof is a novel by Ruskin Bond that tells the story of Rusty, a young Anglo-Indian boy living in Dehradun, India. The novel is set in the 1950s and is a coming-of-age story that explores the themes of identity, belonging, and the complexities of the colonial experience in India.

Rusty is an orphan who lives with his guardian, Mr. Harrison, who is a British official. Rusty feels out of place in the British community and longs for a sense of belonging. He finds solace in the company of his Indian friends, such as Somi and Jumman, and in his love for literature. Rusty is particularly fond of reading novels by Charles Dickens, which he finds in the British library.

One day, Rusty discovers an abandoned room on the roof of his guardian’s house. He decides to make it his own and spends his days there, reading and writing. The room becomes a sanctuary for Rusty, and he finds a sense of identity and belonging there. He also starts to write his own stories, which he shares with his friends. Rusty’s writing helps him to understand his own feelings and experiences, and he starts to see the world in a new way.

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Rusty’s friendship with Somi and Jumman is central to the novel, and the three of them spend many days exploring the city and countryside together. They go on adventures, such as fishing and swimming in the river, and Rusty starts to appreciate the beauty of the Indian culture and landscape. He also starts to understand the complexities of the colonial experience in India, as he sees the poverty and inequality that exists in the country.

Rusty’s friendship with Somi and Jumman also teaches him the importance of loyalty and trust. Rusty’s guardian, Mr. Harrison, is a distant and strict figure, and Rusty feels that he can’t rely on him. However, he finds a sense of family and support in his friendship with Somi and Jumman. They are always there for him, and Rusty starts to see them as his real family.

The novel also explores the theme of love, as Rusty falls in love with a girl named Yasmin. Yasmin is a young Indian girl who lives in the city, and Rusty is drawn to her beauty and kindness. However, Rusty’s guardian disapproves of their relationship, and Rusty has to confront the challenges of cultural and social differences.

In the end, Rusty has to leave Dehradun and return to England, as his guardian arranges for him to study in a boarding school. Rusty is heartbroken, as he has to leave behind his friends and the room on the roof. However, he knows that his experiences in Dehradun have changed him forever, and he will always remember the place and the people who have become so important to him.

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Overall, The Room on the Roof is a beautiful and moving novel that explores the themes of identity, belonging, and the complexities of the colonial experience in India. Through Rusty’s character, the novel shows how one can find a sense of belonging and identity in the most unexpected places and how the friendship, love and loyalty can change one’s life forever.

About The Author

Ruskin Bond is the writer of the book The Room on the Roof. It was Bond’s first published work. The 1957 John Llewellyn Rhys Prize winner, Bond, was 17 when he published the book.

Conclusion – “The Room On The Roof”

Rusty decides to go with his gut and enters the market. He made a wise decision. Rusty hasn’t had much hope or confidence up to this point, but he befriends a kind boy named Somi. Rusty gains hope and confidence from Somi and his pals, and Somi and Ranbir show Rusty a lot of kindness.

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