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The Alchemist Summary By Paulo Coelho

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The Alchemist Summary By Paulo Coelho
NameThe Alchemist
AuthorPaulo Coelho

Short Summary – The Alchemist

The Paulo Coelho Alchemist summary is the subject of this topic. It briefly discusses the Alchemist’s summary. Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd child, is the centre of this narrative. He has dreams every time he sleeps next to a sycamore tree in an abandoned church. He keeps having this dream where a young child promises him he will discover a treasure in the Egyptian pyramids.

Santiago considers this to be a divine message. So that he can understand the dream, he asks the advice of a Gypsy woman fortune teller. She advises him to explore the Egyptian Pyramids since his dream is a prophecy.

He eventually meets Melchizedek, the mysterious old man who rules Salem. He appeared to read Santiago’s mind when he insisted that Santiago sold his sheep so he could go to Egypt. He is told about good and negative omens by Melchizedek, who not only gives him the Urim and Thummim stones to help him interpret the omens.

He also introduces Santiago to the ideas of a personal legend. According to the author, your personal legend is what you have always hoped to accomplish. When they are young, everyone is aware of their particular legend.

As a response, Santiago sells his flock and sails to Tangier. When he first lands in Tangier, a stranger offers to take him to the Pyramids but steals all of his money instead. He is presently left with no choice but to work there. Thus, he finds employment with a crystal seller. In return, he inspired the merchant to take risks. The merchant taught him some valuable life lessons. Within a year, this paid off, and he became wealthy.

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Now that he has money, he chooses to carry on with his self discovery the treasure. As a result, he joins a caravan that was headed for Egypt. He befriends an Englishman while traveling. He was going to meet a renowned, 200-year-old alchemist who living in the Saharan oasis of Al-Fayoum because he was studying alchemy.

The Englishman informs him that the alchemical secret is written on a stone called the Emerald Tablet. He also informs him that the finest product of alchemy is Master Work. It is made up of the Philosopher’s Stone, a solid, plus Elixir of Life, a liquid. Elixir of Life has the ability to cure all diseases, whereas the Philosopher’s Stone has the capacity to convert lead into gold.

The caravan had to spend quite a bit of time in Al-Fayoum. In order to avoid or reduce the tribe warfare, the caravan’s leader instructs the travellers that they must stop travelling. Santiago meet Fatima at this time and fell in love with her. She was a young Arab woman.

Santiago comes across a fight between two hawks one day while taking a desert walking tour. He interprets it as a terrible omen since it suggests that an army is approaching the oasis. The tribal leader is informed by him. He shields Al-Fayoum from the attacks as a result.

Additionally, this vision is told to the alchemist. As a result, he confronts him and offers to travel alongside him. To follow his Life Purpose, he is told to leave Fatima and travel. Furthermore, Fatima instructs him to finish his tour so that she can then propose to him.

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The Alchemist advises him to follow his heart while they are travelling. They are captivated by Arab soldiers as they travel to the Pyramids. To protect both of their lives, the alchemist gives them all of Santiago’s money.

The alchemist converts lead into gold with the Philosopher’s Stone. After giving Santiago this gold, he departs towards the oasis while saying that Santiago must proceed by himself. He starts digging when he gets to the Pyramids but doesn’t discover any gold. He is attacked and robbed by the thieves once more. Then he shares his dream with them. One of the criminals responds that he had a comparable dream after hearing him. He informs him that, in accordance with his dream, the treasure is hidden in a Spanish church that has been abandoned behind a sycamore tree.

The origin of Santiago’s treasure is now known. He returns to Andalusia and begins to dig beneath the tree. So, he discovers his treasure.

About The Author

Paulo Coelho, a phenomenally popular Brazilian writer of novels with a spiritual tone, is the creator of The Alchemist, the book by a living author which has been translated into the most languages worldwide.


The most important one is that he eventually meets Fatimah, his real love. Santiago receives everlasting love and support from a desert girl as he follows his destiny. Santiago discovers his purpose in life through the search for the treasure. He eventually realises that living a regret-free life is his main objective here on Earth.

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