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The Sermon At Benares Summary (CBSE Class 10) By Betty Renshaw

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The Sermon At Benares Summary CBSE Class 10 By Betty Renshaw
NameThe Sermon At Benares
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorBetty Renshaw

Short Summary – The Sermon At Benares

Gautama Buddha was born into a royal family of North India. He was a royal by birth. In addition, he was born Siddhartha Gautama. At the age of 12, he was directed to a remote location to study the sacred texts of Hinduism. He then married a princess when he returned after four years. They both got a son in due time. They then carried on enjoying a regal lifestyle for around ten years. The harsh realities of the world were hidden from the Royals.

But one day, while the Prince was going out to hunt, he came across a sick man, an elderly man, a funeral procession, and a monk who was asking for money. Such meetings served as a wake-up call for him. He therefore left all the royal family behind in order to explore a deeper understanding of spirituality. When he finally found salvation, he then started preaching. He delivered his initial sermon in Benares city. Kisa Gotami, a woman, had recently lost her child. She had been in terrible pain. To find medicine to keep her son alive, she subsequently went from house to house. People thought the woman had developed 

But one day, she ran upon a man who pointed her in the direction of Lord Buddha. He believed that Buddha might be able to help her find a solution. Then Buddha instructed her to go in search of mustard seeds, which she was to obtain from a house where there had been no death. Kisa Gotami, who was full of hope, searched from home to house once more, but she was unable to locate mustard seeds from any of the households in accordance with Buddha’s requirements. She became discouraged as a result and sat by the side of the road, where she realised how self-centred she had been.She was aware of the short life span of men. In addition, everyone was subject to the cycle of life. Buddha simply wanted her to understand this one point.

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According to Lord Buddha, man’s pains and suffering are made worse by grief and sorrow. It has no other function. Furthermore, it worsens your health. A knowledgeable individual who is aware of how nature functions should thus not be upset by an unavoidable event. In this way, he may only enjoy happiness and pleasure.

About The Author

The writer is Betty Renshaw. It is included in her book, “Values and Voices.” She described how a royal prince left his family behind in the palace to find the cause of all human sorrow in this chapter.


The most sacred sermon given by Lord Buddha was his first one in Benares. It put an end to the pain of a woman who had lost her kid. She was liberated from suffering after accepting the truth.

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