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A Thing Of Beauty Summary (CBSE Class 12) By John Keats

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A Thing Of Beauty Summary CBSE Class 12 By John Keats
NameA Thing Of Beauty
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorJohn Keats

Short Summary – A Thing Of Beauty

In this poem, Keats expresses his thoughts on beauty, it’s worth, and its significance to people. Humans are happy all the time when they see beauty in whatever form because it gives them the chance to constantly consider how it contrasts so strongly with the gloom, routine, and ugliness of our daily life.

Despite all the challenges and suffering that people experience, beauty has the power to make people smile and temporarily reduce their problems.

As a result, Keats emphasises that in his viewpoint, human life is made of constant battles and challenges, and that the only thing that has the power to deflect these trials and, at the very least, bring enjoyment briefly is beauty in all of its aspects. The poem’s final line includes a list of things that, in Keats’ eyes, are examples of “beauty,” like “the beautiful stories we have heard or read,” as well as actual things that are evidence of the natural beauty of the world, like daffodils.

All of these expressions of beauty function as “an infinite fountain of immortal drink,” helping people to escape their harsh situations and find happiness. Therefore, the issue of happiness and how it might be felt is the main focus of this poetry. It encourages us and gives us the strength to persevere in the adversity.

About The Author

Famous writer John Keats is the author of A Thing of Beauty. The poet also says that a beautiful thing can bring us great happiness and delight. In addition, beauty is an eternal quality that never degrades or shrinks.

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The summary of A Thing of Beauty explains the significance of cherishing the lovely things that encircle us. Every beautiful thing is worth keeping since they bring us everlasting joy and leave a permanent mark on our minds.

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