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Discovering Tut The Saga Continues Summary (Class 11) By A.R. Williams

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Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues Summary (Class 11) By A.R. Williams
NameDiscovering Tut: The Saga Continues
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorA.R. Williams

Short Summary – Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues

The glorious Pharaoh Dynasty’s final ruler was Tutankhamun. He passed away when he was still a young man. Some individuals claim that his death was the result of murder. His tomb was discovered in 1922 by archaeologist Howard Carter. He was brought in for a CT scan after 80 years so that a forensic reconstruction might be used to explain his life and death.

Amenhotep III, his father or grandfather, ruled Egypt for 40 years and was an extremely strong Pharaoh. In addition, Amenhotep IV, his son, replaced him and began the most bizarre era in Egyptian history. His name was renamed to Akhenaten, which signifies Athens’ servant. He replaced Thebes as the site of the religious center with Amarna. Later, he attacked the god Amun, destroyed his statues, and closed his temples. Another mysterious emperor flourished before passing away quickly. For nine years, Tutankhamun held the position of power and governed.

Tut was rich and possessed a lot of gold when his mummified body was discovered. After so many years, Carter finally caught him. He intended to look through his three nested boxes after researching the riches. There were already many missing pieces of the riches in the tomb.

He was buried 26 feet below the surface in a rock-cut tomb with some wall paintings. It indicates that he was imprisoned in March or April. Carter ran into problems because of one of the coffins. Tut’s lowest pieces of solid gold were glued with gums. The coffin was strong enough to be impossible to move. To get the resins to lose up, he left the box in the sun for a long time, but somehow it didn’t work.

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He used the chisel and hammer to finally remove the adhesive. Since robbers would have stolen the wealth and jewels, Carter felt he had no alternative but to chop the mummy in half. His guys began by removing the mummy’s skull before cutting off every single joint. They laid the body parts on the bed of sand after removing all the body organs. They stored the components in a wooden box and set it up in the original location.

Later, in January 2009, the body was brought for a CT scan, which produces a 3D image by collecting hundreds of X-Rays. After the scan that evening, the workers removed his body from the tomb and placed it in a box. The body was raised on a hydraulic trailer that was holding the scanner after they passed through the ramp and steps. The CT scan process suddenly came to an end when the scanner ceased to function. A spare set of fans were eventually used to finish the scan. After three hours, they returned his body to his tomb, where it is currently peacefully sleeping.

About The Author

This chapter was written by A.R. Williams. Additionally, Tutankhamun, the final grandson of the renowned Pharaoh Dynasty, is discussed in this chapter. After nine years of rule, he passed away when he was an adolescent.


Finally, the summary of Discovering tut: the legend informs you that Tutankhamun, commonly known as tut, was a courageous king of the renowned Pharaoh Dynasty. He passed away in a mysterious manner and is currently at peace in his tomb.

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