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The Midnight Visitor Summary (CBSE Class 10) By Robert Arthur

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The Midnight Visitor Summary (CBSE Class 10) By Robert Arthur
NameThe Midnight Visitor
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorRobert Arthur

Short Summary – The Midnight Visitor

This narrative focuses on clever undercover agent Ausable. He was with his friend Fowler, a writer. They had evening plans to meet up. Then Fowler realised that he is very different from what he had thought. Ausable informed Fowler that he had been mistaken and that he would soon be viewing a crucial report that might change the direction of the country. The two then proceeded to his room. However, there was another man Max in the room with a gun when they first walked in. Until the rumours about missiles arrived, he asked them to feel comfortable.

While meeting with a covert agent, Fowler had a pretty exciting moment. Ausable, meantime, began with a narrative about a fictitious balcony that was below his room’s window. Someone was constantly hammering on the door while this conversation was taking place. According to Ausable, the cops frequently checked on him and his room while they were at the door. Max said he would be waiting on the balcony and that Ausable should send the police away during this time or he would shoot them. Max pointed his gun at both of them.

They hear a loud scream as the doorknob is turned in and Max leaps out of the window. A waiter enters after the door has opened. The waiter claims to have delivered the wine that Ausable requested. The bottle, tray, and glasses remain on the table after his departure. After seeing all of that, Fowler is shocked. He was questioned by Fowler about the police. Ausable then retorted that there were no police. Max was waiting on the balcony outside the window when Fowler once more inquired about him. Ausable then answered that since there was no balcony at all, the guy would not come back.

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This demonstrates Ausable’s quick thinking because he was able to take advantage of the circumstance and successfully frighten Max. He jumped out of the window mindlessly while still feeling nervous. He died after jumping from the hotel’s top story. Ausable managed to outsmart Max in this way and escape a terrible situation.

About The Author

Robert Arthur is the author of the detective novel The Midnight Visitor. The midnight visitor summary is the subject of this article. Ausable is a spy. He is one of those covert agents who anticipates receiving some important documents in his hotel room.


The Midnight Visitor serves as an example of the need to maintain composure and take appropriate action in order to avoid complications in a stressful circumstance rather than panic.

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