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If I Were You Summary (CBSE Class 9) By Douglas James

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If I Were You Summary CBSE Class 9 By Douglas James
NameIf I Were You
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorDouglas James

Short Summary – If I Were You

The first scene in “If I Were You” shows playwright Gerrard getting ready to leave his house for a rehearsal. He finishes his phone call and begins to pack his suitcase when he notices someone entering from his right side.

He is carrying a pistol in his hands, and Gerrard notices how much he resembles him. He then finds out that he is a criminal and is told to raise his hands. Gerrard tries to communicate sweetly with him despite being threatened with a gun. The attackers finally force Gerrard to sit down on a chair.

Gerrard is revealed to be a man who lives alone and owns a car during their talk. He is continuously coming in and going out, thus it is obvious that he is somewhat mysterious. Gerrard lives in his house, although we can observe that he occasionally leaves.

Additionally, he mainly communicates with his tradespeople through the use of the phone. After knowing everything, we also learn about the attacker. He is a criminal who robs jewellery the most. He has just killed a police officer and is running from the authorities. Because of his resemblance to Gerrard, he wants to kill him and use his identity to get rid of the police.

Gerrard portrays the attacker as being overconfident rather being particularly intelligent. He therefore makes a clever scheme and lies to the attacker. He invents the claim that Gerrard is likewise a murderer and criminal. Similar to the attacker, he is wanted by the police, and if he kills Gerrard, the intruder will also be put to death.

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The criminal then accepts his explanation, and Gerrard manages to convince him to enter the garage so that they may both depart in his vehicle. When the garage door is opened, we discover that it was actually a cupboard, where Gerrard captures the burglar and calls the police to report his location. Thus, it is clear how Gerrard’s life was saved by a little foresight and intelligence.

About The Author

The life of dramatist Gerrard is portrayed in this play. This Douglas James drama tells the story of Gerrard’s brilliant escape from a murderer. Gerrard is shown in this drama getting ready to leave for a rehearsal when he bumps into an attacker.


In conclusion, If I Were You summary teaches us to never be overconfident and to always attempt to be aware since intelligence and cool-headedness can go a long way in helping us.

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