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The Book That Saved The Earth Summary Class 10 By Claire Bioko

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The Book That Saved The Earth Summary Class 10 By Claire Bioko
NameThe Book That Saved The Earth
AuthorClaire Bioko


Think Tank, Noodle, Omega, Iota, & Oop are Martian characters in the fictional play The Book That Saved the Earth. They are Martians who intend to conquer Earth when they arrive there. Do they succeed in their efforts? To learn more, read the prose summary provided in the form of CBSE English Notes Class 10.

English Summary-The Book That Saved The Earth

The play’s story takes place in the 20th century. The play’s whole cast consists of made-up individuals with bizarre names like the mighty Chief Think Tank, Captain Omega, Noodle, Lieutenant Iota, Sargent Oop, etc. The Think Tank who believes he is the smartest of all the Martians decides to travel to Earth with his group. He constantly believes that he is the most intelligent person due to his large head, and he enjoys receiving praise for it. They are curious about how Earthlings live, as Earthlings refer to humans from the planet. They were all there in the next scene, which took place in a library filled with books. But none of them could understand the location.

Next, in an effort to impress his staff, the great Think-Tank claims that the object is a sandwich. The earth’s inhabitants must have kept them here because they consume a lot of them. Then, one of the crew members, Sergeant Oop, even eats a book corner to support Think-Tank viewpoints.  The fact that he did not enjoy the flavor, however, led them to believe that this might not be food. After some time, Noodle suggests to Think-Tank that it might be utilised for ear-to-ear communication. After some time, Noodle once more makes the case to Think-Tank that it could possibly be for eye communication. Each crew member opened a book and began reading. It was a Mother Goose-themed rhyme book. The book, however, escapes their understanding.

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As a result, after taking a look at this, Noodle asks the Think-Tank whether everyone should take the vitamin pills that the chemical department has provided them in order to boost intellect before reading the sandwiches. As Oop began to read the book of nursery rhymes, they took the rhymes literally and experienced difficulties. The Think Tank summoned his Martian crew and advised them to postpone the concept of an invasion because they had learned some knowledge about humans. They all witnessed the image of Humpty, who mirrored Think Tank, after the Oop read the poem Humpty dumpty. The Think Tank inferred that the humans had discovered him and will shortly kill him. A dusty book of rhymes ultimately saved mankind from a Martian invasion by instructing his squad to escape from there immediately.

About The Author

The writer of the play is Claire Bioko.


┬áThe play’s lesson is that incomplete information is always hazardous.

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