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Rain On The Roof Summary (CBSE Class 9) By Coates Kinney

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Rain On The Roof Summary CBSE Class 9 By Coates Kinney
NameRain On The Roof
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorCoates Kinney

Short Summary – Rain On The Roof

The writer in this poem states that when the “humid shadows” (here, “humid shadows” refers to heavy clouds filled with water), float. When the sky is covered in thick, moist, water-filled, dark clouds that are about to bring rain, that is when he says it will rain. Furthermore, as these clouds pass over the starry spheres in the sky (refers to the sky at night time that is full of stars).

Then, massive, moisture-filled clouds begin to travel over the sky. And the raindrops, which resemble tears falling from the sky, lighten the gloomy night. Additionally, the poet is likening the showers to tears because the gloomy sky seems so depressing to him. Moreover, it seems to be crying, and the rain is its tears. He continues by saying that lying on his bed in his room is like receiving a blessing. The sound of rain on the roof may also be heard.

The poet then describes his emotions in the next section as he hears rainfall falling on his home’s roof. According to the poet, every tinkle on the roof has an echo in the heart.  Raindrops dripping on the roof can always be heard in his dreams and in his heart. Furthermore, he has a wide range of extraordinary ideas. However, he dreams about a lot of new, unusual things as a result of the raindrops falling on the rooftops. For instance, he recalls several memories from the past that appear to him in dreams. He therefore has a lot of new dreams in his head as he listens to the raindrops falling on the roof. And in his nightmares, he has flashbacks to his earlier memories.

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The poet mentions his mother and states that he is dreaming about her in the final paragraph. Similar to the last stanza, rain brings back recollections of days gone by. They were a reminder of his late mother. He had a mother who used to adore him and think highly of him. She would also permit him to enjoy peaceful dreams and sleep till daybreak. He hears his mother looking at him while he listens to the song created by raindrops on his room’s rooftop. In addition, the sound of rain leads him to connect his past and present. The sound of rainfall on his room’s roof is what led him to be so moved. Every time he listens to this sound, it reminds him of his mother and triggers old memories.

About The Author

The poem Rain on the Roof by Coates Kinney is masterfully written and explores the wonders of nature, namely the enchanted power of rain on the mind. The poet entirely focuses in this poem the impact of the rain’s pattering on his thoughts and heart, as well as recollections of his early years.


Every time the poet in this poem hears the pattering sound on his rooftop, he is recalled of pleasant childhood memories, particularly one that involves his mother.

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