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Model Activity Task Class 9 

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Model Activity Task Class 9

Read the following text and answer the following question:

A small portion of the Alipore zoo director’s finger was served after a chimpanzee bit it on Wednesday afternoon, said officials of the hospital where he was treated.

Asis Kumar Samanta was feeding Babu, the thirty-three year old chimpanzee, when he spotted something like an insect on Babu’s nose and tried to remove it. “But the chimpanzee bit his finger,” said V.K. Yadav, member-secretary of the Bengal Zoo Authority.

Samanta was taken to the SSKM Hospital. “A small part of his left index finger was served when he came to us. There was a fair amount of bleeding. He needed one stitch and an anti-rabies vaccine. It was not a major wound and should heal soon,” a hospital official said.

This is not the first time Babu had reacted with ferocity while being fed by Smamanta. In 2018 February, when Samanta was trying to feed Babu, the chimpanzee had held him by the arms and pulled him closer. The iron bars of the cage separated the two and the director managed to puch Babu away to set himself free.

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ACTIVITY 1: Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences:

(i) The zoo is located at _____________.

(a) Agra

(b) Ahmedabad

(c) Allahabad

(d) Alipore

(ii) The chimpanzee attacked the man on ________.

(a) Sunday

(b) Monday

(c) Tuesday

(d) Wednesday

(iii) The incident took place in the ___________.

(a) morning

(b) evening

(c) afternoon

(d) night

ACTIVITY 3: Write ‘T’ for True and ‘F’ for False statements in the boxes given.

(i) Babu is a thirty-two years old chimpanzee. [F]

(ii) Mr. Samanta was given an anti-rabies vaccine. [T]

ACTIVITY 4: Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct alternative given in brackets:

When he ___________(see/saw/seen) a star _________(shoot/shoots/shooting) across the sky, he ___________(made/making/make) a wish.

Ans: When he saw a star shooting across the sky, he made a wish.

ACTIVITY 5: Write a letter to the Manager of a courier service in about 100 words, enquiring about the delivery of a previous parcel to your home.

Use the following points: [Introduction – details of the parcel – request for delivery – coclusion]


The Manager,

Ram Courier Service,

Delhi- 248991

Subject: Enquiry about a previous parcel


With due respect I would like to inform you that a precious parcel was sent through your courier to my home address i.e., S.Sharma, 13/B, Rajghar, Delhi-136 on 10th December,202. It has not yet been delivered to me.

I checked to track details online, but they are not getting updated. The parcel contains extremely important documents and losing them will be a matter of life and death.

So, you are requested to take immediate action to deliver the parcel. I have attatched the booking receipt with this letter. Kindly look into the matter.

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Thanking you, Yours faithfully,



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